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60000 PG medical seats : Good Quality Health care Made in India

By Dr Lokesh Edara MD,USA

The National Medical Commission bill is right around the corner and it will usher us into the new world of healthcare and medical education which is essentially MCI free. However there is still a long way to go when it comes to getting a PG seat easily. Medical students have to study day and night for getting their desired branch but despite the hard work only a few make…

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Quick Video : Microbiology For Medical students and NEET PG/DNB aspirants

Microbiology is one of the toughest subjects in MBBS. Cramming is almost necessary to learn the subject and it also makes up a fair share of image based MCQs in the current NEET PG exam. So we decided to help Medical students learn Microbiology faster, easier and free as our services are always are. We present to you short 15 minute videos which cover most important microbiology topics and Image B…

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Best hospitals For DNB : Award winning hospitals 2017

Edited by - Dr Varsha Ukrani

Just like in MD/MS , there are only a few hospitals in DNB which have consistently proved good for students and have given Excellent results over the years. We have a list of such hospitals till 2014 and is available here and they have still been consistent in their results as per our experience. NBE has further awarded some hospitals in 2017 for their excellent t…

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Breaking: DNB CET 2018 January Ranks Announced on Website

DNB Broad specialty Ranks from NEET PG 2018 have been Announced on Website.

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Revealed : Passing rates in DNB for last 10 years

Edited by Dr Varsha Ukrani

There is a general premonition that one wont pass DNB in their first attempt. While there may be many people who have failed for various reasons, statistics do show that the trend has been improving in recent years and whatever difficulty the exam poses is probably because of higher expectations from examiners for its sheer magnitude. Imagine qualifying National Eligibi…

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