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For doing DNB Orthopedics

For doing orthopedics mainly you need a good patient load and good hands on exposure,which might be very difficult in a private hospital and very good in a government or trust run hospitals. So try to choose government hospitals over private hospitals, but some private hospitals might be good. Try to confirm this info once before choosing a hospital. This is not the order of preference but a list of hospitals that are good for Orthopedics.


  1. Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai – good for orthopedics, good exposure.
  2. St Martha's Hospital, Bangalore
  3. Kovai Medical centre and Hospital, Coimbatore – again good for most branches
  4. Devadoss Hospital Madurai(IORAS hospital )  – one of the best, good academics,good pass rate, all info available on its website.
  5. LISIE hospital, Kochi – 1000 bedded hospital and one of the oldest in kochi,good exposure.
  6. Ganga Hospital,Coimbatore – good exposure, good academics and pass rate.
  7. Hosmet Hospital, Banglore
  8. Miot hospital Chennai
  9. St. Stephen, Delhi – good exposure, good academics, one of the best in DNB.
  10.  Sant Parmanand Hospital, Delhi
  11.  Port trust Mumbai
  12.  SPARSH Bangalore – dedicated orthopaedic hospital,good exposure
  13.  APOLLO chennai
  14.  APOLLO Hyderabad
  15.  Tata main Jamshedpur – one of the best hospitals in DNB
  16.  Sir Ganga Ram hospital,delhi – good hands on exposure, good academics, one of the best hospitals in DNB.
  17.  Sundaram Medical Foundation Community Hospital, Chennai