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Dr Jateen Ukrani  MBBS, DNB (Psychiatry)

Ex-Psychiatrist : VIMHANS ,Vijayawada & IHBAS, Delhi 

Founder & Chief Editor of

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Dr Varsha Ukrani  MBBS,DNB (Psychiatry)

Ex Psychiatrist: VIMHANS,Vijayawada & IHBAS Delhi

Founder and Editor of    





Dr Shashank Jain

DNB Resident, Dept Of Medicine, Medanta Mediciti Hospital 

Editor & Manager of                                                    




Message from the Founders

Welcome to FreeAssociation!!  This is where you will find your identity, this is where all confusion ends. is first of its kind website meant for all those who are preparing for or cleared a PG entrance exam and dont know what to take up next, are they meant to be a surgeon? or a physician?? Should they sit and do their job or stand and cut through patients abdomen??

Its funny how we chose our options, we often compare between two branches that are poles apart eg comparing between psychiatry and gynecology, comparing between surgery and medicine etc. Our purpose at FreeAssociation is to get rid of all the Dilemmas regarding post graduate medical education,what to do,what hospital to choose,what state to choose,what will be the stipend and many more questions that all of us have during that particular time when we have nothing else to do but relax, doesnt it take away some of the fun of clearing a post graduate entrance??

This problem is very common in DNB CET where one has to go through an extensive process of searching  information on the web,calling various hospitals and residents to en quire whether the hospital is good or not.So here we have tried to bring together all the information available into one place so that you don't have to shuffle between sites and call many people to decide on your future. We are currently beginning advice for DNB CET ONLY, but we will soon have a system in place for AIPG and Other Entrances as well. We will be launching a UNIQUE GOOGLE HANGOUTS feature,where you can talk to one of the residents working in your desired hospital and clear your doubts face to face or you can even discuss important question for exams. The best part is ALL THIS INFORMATION IS ABSOLUTELY FREE OF COST, YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY A SINGLE PENNY FOR IT, NOR YOU HAVE TO JOIN ANY COACHING INSTITUTE FOR IT. FREEASSOCIATION.IN IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH ANY COACHING INSTITUTE AND IS PURELY MEANT TO HELP MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS. 

If your still unstatisfied with the kind of help we are offering , you can always leave a feedback.

We are always happy to help !! 

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