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I have been receiving a lot of requests on guidance for DNB counseling and other information. Here is a general information on DNB based on Frequently asked questions by the students.

Q.Is DNB equivalent to MD or MS ?

Yes. According to National Board, DNB is considered equivalent to MD/MS for all practical purposes. This means for employment purpose or for any other reason nobody can discriminate against you because you have DNB and not MD or MS.

Q.What should you keep in mind while joining DNB institutes ?

Keep the following rules in Mind.

1. Prefer Government or semi government institutes over Purely Private

2. Prefer DNB seats attached to Medical colleges or teaching institutions. In these places you will be exposed to better academics. Also your residency would be counted as teaching experience, which would be useful for you future career.

3. Prefer place with more seats. More co-residents so less work burden more time to study. Remember passing DNB is more difficult than passing MD or MS.

4. Prefer ones which have been around for some time instead of new institutes. Institutes which have been around have stood the test of time and hence by natural selection would be better.

5. For specific institutes we recommend you to contact someone who has passed from that institute or is working there. You can find such people easily on Facebook .

Q.Is it true than DNB final exam is difficult to pass ?

It is difficult , not impossible. DNB Final exams are relatively difficult to pass because the exam conducted centrally and it is properly regulated. Hence in some of the branches the passing rate is a little poor. However, it is not impossible to pass. You just require a little more dedication compared toMD and MS. It is said MD and MS are more difficult to get in and easier to pass, DNB is easier to get in and more difficult to pass.

Q.Can I get a job as Assistant professor after doing DNB ?

Now this is tricky. To become eligible to be Assistant professor, you need to have Three years of teaching experience as a Resident according to MCI. Many of the DNB institutes are private hospital and not attached to any medical college. If your DNB course is from a private hospital without a medical college, then you have the degree and not the teaching experience. MD and MS are conducted in institutes attached to medical colleges , so automatically you have a teaching experience when you are working as a resident. This is one of the biggest advantage of MD and MS. So when you apply for Assistant professor’s post after you DNB, you may not be eligible for the post because of lack of teaching experience. However, if you work as a Resident in an institute attached to a medical college, after your DNB and accumulate the required teaching experience, you can be eligible for the post.

Q.Can you tell me which institutes are good and which are not ?

It is impossible for anyone to comment upon an institute and it would be unfair to give you half baked information based on mere perspective because it is you future which is at stake. However my suggestion is make a list of institutes and branches you wish you take and do some research on them by asking people who have passed out from these institutes. Even people in doing DNB in same branch have a fair knowledge of institutes around them. If you are well connected on facebook a search for people on Facebook can also help you catch hold of such people whom you can contact for authenticate information.


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