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AIPGMEE 2014 Councelling Analysis: Examining the top trends and vacancies

Today Marks a golden day in your medical career as very soon you will lock your choices for AIPG 2015 first round of councelling. We at would like to take this oppurtunity to help you take a better decision for yourself . We would like to share with you important trends from last years AIPG councelling , some keys stats, that might change your preference orders if you badly want a seat this AIPG. In the past there have been instances when people at good ranks didnt get what they desired not because it wasnt available but because they didnt knew it would be possible at their rank. This is our first step towards helping you in AIPG councelling, and the next step maybe coming soon in the form of Institute reviews to let you know what to expect from a MD/MS course . With this info at hand you can compare MD/MS institutes to DNB institutes and make a sound decision for yourselves, minimizing seat wastage, time spent in searching for information  and minimizing costs. All this information will be available free of cost to you. No more paying fees for Career Councelling at Consultancies or attending Career Councelling lectures at coaching institutes. Just sit back, relax and choose what you like the most and what suits you the most !

Key stats

As per AIPGMEE 2014 first round allotment, out of 100 top rankers, as many as 32 either skipped the online counseling or could not get their subject of choice. 

A total of 5,452 seats were allotted during the first round of counseling process. Dr Bipin Batra, Executive Director of NBE, shared that out of 44,442 candidates who had qualified AIPGMEE 2014, as many as 30,495 candidates qualified to participate in online counseling for All India 50% quota seats based on cut-off for different categories of candidates. 

In AIPGMEE 2014, MD (Radio-Diagnosis) emerged as the most popular choice among the top 100 rank holders. According to the counselling committee, Medical Counseling Committee (MCC), 45 candidates among the top 100 opted for MD (Radio-Diagnosis) as their preference. MD- General Medicine and MD- Paediatrics emerged as the second and third favourite with 27 and 10 candidates respectively opting for the two subjects.  

Vacant Seats in Medical Colleges: 

A staggering 845 out of 6000 (approx) seats were unfilled after 3rd extended round AIPGMEE 2014 counseling for 50% quota of MD/MS/PG Diploma courses offered at Government Medical Colleges /Institutions except states of Andhra Pradesh and J&K. In AIPGMEE 2014, B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad( one of the best colleges in india)  had 29 unoccupied PG seats the highest among medical colleges.


Number of Seats returned State wise



Number of seats vacant branch wise



Conclusions from these stats : 

  • almost 1/7th of the total seats were wasted and trasffered back to states due to poor judgement on part of students.
  • Maharashtra seats are more commonly left as the total number of seats in Maharasthra is greater than other states and bond rules are strictly followed in Maharasthra. So fill all the choices in Maharashtra if you badly want a seat in AIPG this year, dont make "the biggest mistake" of leaving out Maharashtra from your preference list.  
  • even top rankers may make the mistake of filling wrong , unexpected choices at their ranks. SO FILL ALL AVAILABLE CHOICES FOR YOUR DESIRED BRANCHES. DONT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF FILLING SPECIFIC CHOICES. YOU CAN BE SPECIFIC EARLIER IN YOUR PREFERENCE LIST BUT LATER YOU CAN FILL ALL CHOICES AVAILABLE. Even if your alloted a bad institute , there is a chance that you will get upgraded in the forth coming rounds of AIPG, so fill all choices available for your desired branch, rather than filling just specifics.
  • Medical branches are a favourite for top 100 rankers, Most of them prefer Medicine , Radiology and Pediatrics as compared to Surgical branches. So chances for getting a surgical branch at a good college for a top ranker is easy. On the other hand , few medical branches are also left vacant at the end of extended round which reflects poor decision making and planning for councelling on the part of the students .
  • Only some OBS- GYNE( the only surgical branch) Seats were left vacant after extended round and may reflect that OBS GYNE is one of the more stressful branches. 

Due to open nature of the councelling, it is advisable not to open your mouth about what your getting at your rank when the indicative seat allotment comes out as people before your rank may snatch that better seat from you.

Note : Cutoffs have not been discussed here because they are easily available online with little effort.


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