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AIPGMEE 2015 Court Case : UnBlock your Destiny

All of us  have embarked upon the journey as MBBS graduates and have come a long way . As a Human being we always hope for the best and despite many failures end up performing well enough to get a good seat in PG entrance exams . Once we make it there , we should be free in every sense to choose a good branch but we are still bound by the unresolved future. A future that is restricted by the doubtful and ambivalent choices that other people make against us. 

 As Young doctors we have suffered persistently at the choices of seat blockers. Many of us have felt the agony of loosing our favorite branch due to seat blocking and some have felt frustated of not getting a seat despite a decent rank in AIPGMEE. Year after year, group after group and team after team , we have tried to find a complete solution to the crime of seat blocking. Be it DNB or AIPGMEE, Seat blocking is common. We fought a battle against NBE a couple of years back along with Dr Vidyasagar, Dr Deepak chugh, Ramesh Patel sir,Dr Gajanan and many others who worked day and night with Indu Malhotra mam to get another round of councelling for DNB. She was and is the most experienced lawyer in this field as she has fought cases for second round, third round and fourth round of councellings from the days when there was only one round of councelling in AIPG. Despite all our efforts we didnt succeed and it left us thinking that the fire we lit has been extinguished. Soon we realized that we didnt start the fire, it was always burning since the worlds been turning. And came in Dr Saurav yadav & team, the people who changed DNB councelling rules forever. The fire has burnt even brighter,and now Dr Ashish Ranjan , Dr Rajdeep singh , Dr Tanushree and others have launched the final battle against seat blocking in AIPGMEE councelling , to finish it forever, to free us from our uncertain future and to un-block our destiny.

The details of the case

  • For Prevention of SEAT BLOCKING & STREAMLINING of state counseling with AIPGMEE   counseling.
  • LAST YEAR SAME case was filed by petitioners naming Dr. Sudhanshu Singhal, Dr. Sandeep Mallik, Dr. Lakshit Tomar.
  • Verdict : they got STAY on the  1ST counselling and an Extra round i.e Extended 3rd Round.
  • MCI lawyer last year assured the Honorable court that they will follow the court guidelines and from next year onwards there will be hassle free counselling.
  • But due to some reasons case was not heard completely and a PERMANENT GUIDELINE was NOT issued and hence they DID NOT FOLLOW the same this year.

  • A person with good ranks in AIPG & STATE PrePG takes seat in both places and resigns AIPG seat after last round of AIPG counseling and continue with State PG seat, thus leading to reversal of AIPG seat in to State Quota which actually belong to an AIPG candidate.

‚ÄčProblems - Past and Present

  • Due to no streamlining and states conducting delayed exams, 1414 AIPG seats in 2013 and 850 AIPG SEATS In 2014 were reverted to states.
  • This year -


1.   Chattisgarh announced exam dates NOT IN accordance with MCI ORDER.

2.   Cases going on in Punjab, Rajasthan, Karnataka influencing our counselling process.



These Figures reflect a glaring need for streamlining and the courts have sided with the students so far. 



Our case is being heard by two Judge bench and one of the Judge is SAME who presided last years case and he is in STUDENTS FAVOUR.


  • 1. HEARING 1 – dated 20th feb -

Case listed and other parties issued notice of urgent basis to be present and respond on 27TH feb.

  • 2. HEARING 2- dated 27th feb

ALL STATES AND U.Ts asked to submit the AFFIDAVIT of counselling schedule by 10th of march,2015.

  • 3. HEARING 3- dated 13th march

NO SEAT of AIPG QUOTA be WASTED and MCI to come with PERMENANT solution for this year onwards.

  • 4. HEARING 4- dated 17th march

MCI should come with a FINAL SCHEDULE and not only permenant solution on URGENT BASIS on 18th mar failing which court will decides as it may find justified.

  • 5. HEARING 5- dated 18th march


  • 6. HEARING 6- dated 24th march

LANDMARK decision given-

PERMANENT SOLUTION : Students don't have to run to court every year next session onwards.

EXAM/COUNSELLING SCHEDULE for ALL STATES & AIPG will be decided by MCI & DGHS. ALL states must follow else strict action will be taken.

  • 7. HEARING 7- dated 1st april

Chattisgarh presented plea of exclusion from 24th march order (as it has not yet conducted exam) which was REJECTED by S.C. Fresh hearing on urgent basis scheduled on 10th APRIL to discuss the matter in presence of MCI & DGHS.

  • 8. HEARING 8 – dated 10th april

Chattisgarh was ordered to follow the counselling date given by mci, failing which they shall be liable for contempt of supreme court.

And here is the proposed postgraduate medical/dental admission schedule for this year

With all said and done, our case is already won, courts order is just a formality , but what our initiative is lacking are funds to pay lawyer's fees.  

  • Its time for us ALL inc. YOU to get UNITED. Support the fight for YOUR future,YOUR rights,YOUR opportunities and YOUR DREAMS.
  • IF WE DON’T GO for final judgement this time, then next year onwards, this case might not even get a hearing.
  • Its the final fight not just for us but also for future  batches.

Please support us in our fight for the future, to put an end to this problem of seat blocking once and for all. Please make you contributions to the following account 


We are extremely thankful to those who have helped us so far, and for those who wish to help us further we would like to say :

" Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. "
 - Carl Bard


From Dr Ashish Ranjan & Team 

With Edits from Team @

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