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First Impression : Secondary DNB Anaesthesia at Apollo Hospitals, Bilaspur

Edited by Kanika Singh

Apollo Hospitals, Bilaspur was established in October 2001. It was the first multi-specialty tertiary care hospital in the state of Chhattisgarh. The 300-bed hospital (including 50 bedded ICU) is set on a lush green of 19 acre-campus. Apollo Hospitals, Bilaspur promises exposure to a wide variety of surgical cases from neurosurgery to cardiothoracic and pediatric surgery. Anaesthesia which is an surgery allied branch also reaps the benefit of this. Dr Shweta Garewal who joined secondary DNB anaesthesia here is extremely satisfied with her choice. She Answer a few question to guide you about this place. If you still have any queries you can call her on 7974151494.

DISCLAIMER :  This information is for Guiding DNB /MD Aspirants only. This is not a review of Overall Patient care in These hospitals which may not be affected by what is being discussed here. The Information Provided here cannot be used for any other purpose or to asses the patient care in these hospitals. This is just a review of a postgraduate course running in the mentioned hospital and is meant for guiding medical aspirants only.

What was your rank in NEET PG/DNB?


How many consultants are there in your department?

6 Consultants

What are the usual working hours?

9AM to 5PM

How many emergency duties per week?

Generally depend on number of resident there as presently we are total 4 resident so every 4th day we had emergency duty. Working environment is good we get free hand to do spinal,GA,sedation,arterial line and central line.

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Are you allowed to touch the patient?

Yes we are allowed to examine patients and to perform procedure.

How are the academics?

Academic as per resident schedule but ICU classes are regular and twice a week which are very helpful.

How is the pass rate?

Almost 100%

How satisfied are you with your choice?


Any other departments at your institution good for MD/DNB?

DNB Orthopaedic

Stipend and accommodation details:

1st year: 63k

2nd year: 65k

Any other info you would like to give?

In addition to OT we have cath lab ,MRI,CT scan room and learned Anesthesia or that and procedure also very well equipped centre.

Why did you choose this hospital?

  1. I heard about this institute.
  2. Hometown (in laws)
  3. Good passing rate

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