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Dr Vaibhav Chowdhrie gives his views on Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur


Hello everyone! With the Seat matrix out we are expecting the counselling dates to come out soon. At this point many of you must be thinking that why they gave seat matrix first?? Well it’s cause they want you to find out about the new hospitals that have been added in the list. Now there is no doubt that Tata Main hospital is one of the best hospitals in DNB to join this monsoon season but you need to know more.

Tata Main Hospital, the Medical Division of Tata Steel and its nine dispensaries at Jamshedpur provide curative healthcare services to the employees of Tata Steel and their families free of cost. Apart from TMH and the dispensaries, out-location hospitals are located at Jamadoba, Noamundi and Sukhinda Mines and West Bokaro Collieries. TMH also extends its facilities to non-entitled patients from Jamshedpur and its surrounding area.

The Tata Main Hospital, which is more than a century old, was established in 1908 soon after Tata Steel was born in 1907. It is an eight hundred and ninety bedded, secondary care hospital equipped with modern facilities. There are two super dispensaries (Sakchi and Baridih) and seven dispensaries (South Park, Kadma, Uliyan, Sonari, Sidhgora, Burma Mines and Tubes Works) located across Jamshedpur that form the peripheral centres and provide primary level health care. It is a teaching hospital with DNB courses offered in a number of specialties.

The DNB programme in TMH was started in 1999 and its good for most of the specialties except a few.

In my point of view  TMH is awesome for Ortho>Gynaec=Medicine>Paeds=Anaes ,for rest I believe its average.

Surgery too when it comes to hands on exposure, its just about average. We get a lot of variety of cases , perfect balance of open and laparoscopic surgeries ,good exposure in pediatric , onco & plastic surgery too as we super-specialist consultants in these. I have just been here for 5 months I will be able to do variety of surgeries from hydrocele to lap chole independently but numbers will be very few , so hands on is where it lacks in surgery. For Hands on in general surgery Tata Motors is better than TMH. Usual duty timings are fixed , 9am - 6pm with 2-4pm lunch break , 6-8 duties of 24hrs per month , after one 24hrs next day you get off after ward rounds.

Academics are very good, 5 classes a week, which includes 2 theory classes which faculty take and one case presentation by one of us. Attendance is very much stressed on by HOD himself whose present and the DNB coordinator.

Pass rate has been historically good here, except for few case 2/3 pass in first attempt that too from an era when counselling wasn't centralized. 1st batch after central counselling and proper entrance exam will appear in Dec. Everyone here works on exit plan from the day they enter here but yeah our HOD is very helpful.

When it comes to Tata motors hospital, academics are weaker , pass rate is good as their candidates in the last session gave 100% result in theory exam held few month back.They get better chances of performing independent surgeries than us .

So there is something lackin in both but I personally feel that Hands on in surgery is more important. Though iam satisfied with what I have as these deficiencies in hands on practise can be easily overcome by doing SRship in government I would still advice you all to think before you choose between Tata Main hospital and Tata Motors hospital. You can check out the hospitals website for more info. 

My rank was – 2225 jan session

Stipend - 36 ;38;40k for respective years.

Accommodation - for girls within campus and for boys outside campus.

Dr.Vaibhav Chowdhrie.

DNB Resident,Dept of Surgery

Tata Main hospital.



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