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Dr. Ankita Agarwal talks about Opthalmology and Alakh Nayan Mandir,Udaipur


The institute was inaugurated by the internationally recognized eye surgeon, Dr. G.N. Rao, Founder - Trustee, L.V. Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad and Secretary General, International Agency for Prevention of Blindness. The aim was to provide quality treatment to eye patients, ensuring non-discrimination between the paying and nonpaying categories. Since then, at the verge of completion of 17 years towards this aim, the institute has made significant marching in the field of eye care services.

The institute is a 30 bedded hospital, but they are hardly used as patients rarely need long hospitalization indoors. The hospital has up-to-date equipment and machines in the field of ophthalmology.

When our batch joined there were 5 consultants but after some time they left due to some reasons and the entire responsibility of the institute is on us with some help from visiting faculty from other places. This is not a bad thing but a good thing as i will explain later. There is a retina specialist coming every week, one glaucoma specialist comes and performs surgeries that are posted for him. Like this we get a lot of doctors who are coming from outside and doing surgeries.

We get around 150 OPD patients daily which we see by ourselves with the help of seniors. There are total 6 DNB residents, 2 in each year so the work gets equally divided among us. The exposure is great and we get to see all kinds of patients belonging from poor people to high profile clients and you have to deal with them in a very professional way. You get time to interact with them and even counsel them about their ailments. Hardly any patients get referred from here and in my entire course duration i have seen only 2 cases getting referred, one to AIIMS and one to L.V.P eye institute.

Hands on surgical exposure is also very good. By the time you pass final year you would have finished at least 800-900 cataract surgeries on your own apart from other procedures. Such exposure is not found even in some colleges with MS ophthalmology.

This is one of the main reason why it’s very good for opthal, you get a lot of hands on exposure. The institute’s director has given us a free hand at everything; we are free to do whatever we want.

Academics are where it lags behind slightly, we don’t have lectures by consultants but we hold discussions amongst ourselves weekly once or twice. We also attend Rajasthan ophthalmic society and other ophthalmic society meets whenever we want too. Nobody stops us from going for these conferences and this is a huge plus point coz it keeps us updated. Nevertheless pass rate is 100%, all the seniors who have attempted the final exam have passed.

Accommodation is available and for food we have Tiffin service.

Stipend is 25,27,29k for respective years which is sufficient for a beautiful city like Udaipur :)

Dr.Ankita Agarwal

DNB Resident in Opthalmology

Alakh Nayan Mandir,Udaipur



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