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Dr Ashwati Nayyar talks about Paediatrics and B.C Roy Post Graduate institute of Paediatric Sciences,Kolkatta


Dr. B. C. Roy Post Graduate Institute of Paediatric Sciences  is located in Kolkatta and since the past 2 years it has been converted into a medical college. It is a 450 bedded hospital only meant for pediatrics including pediatric surgery.

Each batch has

4 M.Ds in paediatrics


4 primary DNBs in paediatrics

4 secondary DNBs in paediatrics

In the department we have 4 professors, 6 associate professors and 2 assistant professors. Each week we have 2 admission days. We have about on an average 40 admissions in the pediatric ward and around 15 admissions in the neonatal ward on an admission day.

On a normal non admission day we go to hospital at 9 30 am and give notes and professors usually come at around 10 am,  then upto 12:30 PM we have daily rounds ,then investigations are sent and work is usually over by around 2 pm.  evening rounds are usually  with the resident medical officer/senior resident  from 6 to 8 pm. Sometimes evening round is either with  the RMO and only in the neonatal ward. Work hours for MD and DNB are same

1st year there is 2 to 3 months rotation in each of the following wards : neonatal ward,  NICU, high dependency unit ( HDU) and the last posting of 1st year is PICU. OPD we get to go from 2nd year on wards.  

We get very good exposure to cases, within just 1 month of joining I had done 4 exchange transfusions and I was surprised that a secondary DNB who has done his DCH from a government hospital had done only a total of 3 exchanges during his entire DCH.

I must also add despite so many PGTs in a batch, we still have a lot of workload , since virtually we are the referral center for entire Kolkata  , no medical college in Kolkata has so many beds for peds which is why they send  paediatric cases to us !!  So obviously we're physically drained by the end of the day but the upside is we learn a lot and get to do a lot. Despite the workload I have seen few such rare cases here in B.C. Roy that my dad hasn't (with 30 years experience in paediatrics) and that is something I'm very proud of.

Not very satisfied with the academics since it is more M.D. oriented but we do have twice weekly seminars, case presentations, journal clubs,case discussions and panel discussions. OSCE sessions are held once a year for DNB candidates.Since DNB just started 3 years back, only recently the first batch gave final exams and both of them cleared theory in first attempt and practical dates are awaited. 

Accomodation is available but it’s not good at all. For girls there is this make do hostel (previous nursing hostel, double seater) with desperate need of renovation. Boys hostel is much better.Food is available only in boys hostel but we prefer tiffin service. 

Stipend is  27k in 1year , 28 k and 29k in 2nd and third years but that its ok considering Kolkata is not that expensive a city.

Dr.Ashwati Nayyar

DNB Resident,Paediatrics 

Dr. B. C. Roy Post Graduate Institute of Paediatric Sciences,Kolkatta




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