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Dr Aseem Watts talks about General medicine and Batra hospital, Delhi.


Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre established in 1987 by Ch. Aishi Ram Batra Public Charitable Trust with an infrastructure comprising of 495 beds, 14 Operation Theatres, 112 ICU beds, 24x7 Emergency facilities, full range of state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratories and comprehensive rehabilitation facilities.

Batra Hospital is the capital’s first multi-specialty private hospital of Delhi. Our aim has always been to bring world-class medical care within the reach of a common man. Over the years it has progressed bringing in the latest and the most modern medical care in critical and life threatening areas like Cancer, Cardiac, Orthopaedics, Nephrology and Neuro Surgery.

Today the hospital offers a tertiary level care in 42 specialities and has assembled the finest medical talent – Physicians, Surgeons, Nursing Professionals and Technicians. The skills of our Medical Professionals are enriched with international experience. This is line with the continuing ethos of the hospital to combine the best medical care with warmth and tenderness which is essential to the healing process.

Batra Hospital also provides proper in-campus accommodation facility to our Consultants, DNB Doctors & Nursing Staff. They are made to feel at home, having all the basic amenities available.

Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre has been accredited by National Board of Examination for conducting DNB in the following Disciplines: 

Super Specialities

  • Cardiology
  • Urology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Nephrology
  • Neurology

Broad Specialities

  • Medicine
  • Surgery 
  • Paediatrics
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Anaesthesia
  • Family Medicine
  • Orthopaedic Surgery 
  • Radio-diagnosis
  • Radiotherapy 

Talking of medicine department in particular we have total 22 consultants in all fields out of whom 8 are for general medicine, 1 for MICU, 6 for cardio ,2 for neuro,3 for nephro,1 for endo,2 for gastro. Out of 8 medicine consultants, 2 are from respiratory medicine. There are also 3 senior consultants in the department. There are two MICU of which MICU1 is managed by SRs, ICU consultant plus one DNB resident is posted over there.

OPD exposure is almost nill in paid OPD but free OPD is individually managed by us and we  see 50-100 patients a day depending upon what day of the week it is. We are not refused to sit with our consultant in paid OPD also. We can sit there and help him/observe him.

In ward on an average we have 7 to 8 patients per consultant under whom we are posted. May vary from 17 – 4/5 and also depends on consultant you are posted with. We have total medicine IPD patients around 45 to 70 per day and references 7 to 15 per consultant including physician clearance and all others.

We have rotation postings in following departments

Neurology for 4 months, mostly in First year.

Gastrology for 2 months in 2nd/3rd year

Urology for 2 months in 2nd/3rd year.

Endocrinology not fixed, depends on number of Family medicine residents.

As far as academics are concerned you can say they are just about average.  There is a schedule for presentations but it’s not properly followed and sometimes postponed. There is no bed side teaching as such as it’s a corporate hospital and they follow “Evidence based medicine” i.e. they want all investigations. However patient touch is just like a Government medical college which means we are allowed to touch the patient, examine them and take a history even if he is in VIP room. We even have a free ward, so we can examine patients there also.

There are a total of 9 residents in the medicine department, 3 residents in each batch. The pass rate for last year was slightly bad as 2 people gave theory, 1 passed and 1 failed.  One who failed theory gave exam in June and passed theory. The first one failed in practical’s and is awaiting practical exam dates for June session. Before this batch according to seniors it was 100%. I would say that passing depends more on you, if you study you will pass. Overall we have 3 backlogs till now, 2 theory passed(through centralized counselling) and 1 theory failed (recommended DNB candidate) .

Other departments:

100% result in Radiotherapy.

This year Paediatrics has 100% theory result with all backlog cleared

Anaesthesia 100% result

Radiodiagnosis 100% result

Surgery 50% result.

Please contact residents in respective departments for a comprehensive review. 


Working hours : 9 to 5 ,8 to 10 emergency duties(24hrs) per month with next day off after morning rounds.

Cut off (jan session) : 1st seat at 1407, 2nd seat at 1603, 3rd seat at 1750.

According  to me in delhi medicine preference order is gangaram/stephens>hindurao/ddu/railways(just bcoz of stipend)>holy family/Batra>Apollo

Accomodation is available and stipend is 45,46,47k in respective years.

Dr Aseem Watts

DNB Resident,Dept of Medicine

Batra hospital and Research centre,Delhi

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