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Candid Talk : DNB General Surgery at Rama Krishna Care hospital, Raipur

Edited by Dr Varsha Ukrani 

Ramkrishna CARE is virtually a descendent of Ramkrisna Surgical Nursing Home, founded in July 1992 by Dr.Sandeep Dave as a 25 bedded un-disciplinary mediocrity, raised to 215 bedded multidisciplinary super specialties by 2004 and raised to another 200 beds multidisciplinary super specialties by Oct 2017. The hospital boasts to have done first laparoscopic surgery in central India and is an epicentre for it since almost 2 decades. Dr Alish Mehta who joined here as a DNB Surgery Resident with limited choices at his disposal feels he is satisfied with his choice. He answers a few key questions to guide you about this place. If you still have queries you can mail him at [email protected]  

DISCLAIMER :  This information is for Guiding DNB /MD Aspirants only. This is not a review of Overall Patient care in These hospitals which may not be affected by what is being discussed here. The Information Provided here cannot be used for any other purpose or to asses the patient care in these hospitals. This is just a review of a postgraduate course running in the mentioned hospital and is meant for guiding medical aspirants only.

What was Your rank in NEET PG/DNB ?

DNB July 2018 session - 3195

How many consultants are there in your department ?

Following are the list of departments where one is posted / experiences learning.

General Surgery - 4

Surgical Gastroenterology - 1

Plastic Surgery - 1

Neurosurgery - 2

Urology - 2

What are the usual working hours??

Day usually starts at 7 am with the rounds along with seniors followed by rounds with the H.O.D. & other faculties at 8 am. The rounds are followed by OPD / Ward work / O.T. as per the posting schedule. Day ends as per the last case posted for the surgery followed by evening rounds which is usually 5 pm. Following this, one has to do the pre op preparation of the patients posted for the next day along with any due work of the day which ends as per the resident's working speed.

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How many emergency duties per week?

1-2 days / week.

If it’s a surgical branch then what all surgeries you have performed till now?

I've done minor cases like Hydrocele, Excisional biopsies, I & D , etc independently. However, I've assisted in many cases as an assistant surgeon in simple as well as complicated procedures like Lap. Appendectomy, Lap. Cholecystectomy, Lap. Hernioplasty, Lap. Fundiplication, Lap. Splenectomy, Lap. Perforation Repair, Lap

R & A, Lap. Right Hemicolectomy, Lap. AR, LAR, MIPH, Whipple's procedure, PSRS, Freys's procedure, Renal Transplant etc.

Are you allowed to touch the patient??

Yes, one is allowed to touch the patient. Resident is the one who sees the patient first; be it in OPD or the emergency Room; whereby one notes down the history and the clinical examination findings, followed by presentation of the same to the faculty who rectifies the errors committed.

How are the academics?

Academics are satisfactory.We've one case presentation every Wednesday.We've seminar presentations once every week.

How is the pass rate??

Pass rate is satisfactory.

How satisfied are you with your choice?


Any other departments at your institution good for MD/DNB??

Radiology, Gastroenterology, Anaesthesia

Stipend and accomodation details:        

1st year : 52k

2nd year : 56k

3rd year : 59k

Any other info you would like to give.?

Ramkrishna Care Hospital is a 400 bedded hospital having a good case load in the department of general surgery with a variety of cases one needs to see during one's post graduation residency days. Institute is good with respect to exposure. One gets enough time in comparison to a MS government institute whereby one can emphasize on his hobbies, publish research papers as per the convenience and interests of the individual. Being from Mumbai, I can vow that the OT resources out here are no less than any prime institute of India, be it Mumbai or Delhi. Although hands on are less compared to a MS government institute but the amount of exposure, the learning with regards to pre op, post op managements, performing minor OTs are no less.

Why did you choose this hospital?

1. I had scored a rank at which I had limited options to choose from. But at present, I've no regrets of choosing the same.

2. Institute is famous for being a laparoscopy Centre since 1992. Better to learn the best from the best than the rest after all old is gold.

3. Raipur being the capital had mostly all the amenities of a city I was looking for.

Note : The information provided here may change over a period of time eg. the stipend may increase/decrease over a period of 1-2 years . Please confirm these details from a resident if the date of publishing of the blog is more than one year old. 

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