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Candid talk : DNB Radiodiagnosis at Gujarat imaging center Post Graduate institute in Radiology

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Hello Everyone!! Its been an year since we began helping you, and it has been almost an year Since Dr Suvinay Saxena joined DNB Radiodiagnosis @ Gujarat imaging center Post Graduate institute in Radiology. He finds time to answer some key questions about this place and if you still have doubts about this institute you can call him on his number 9724494334 in his freetime. 



What was Your rank in DNB and your colleagues rank in DNB if any?

167 was my rank. my colleagues was 196.

How many consultants are there in your department in the concerned specialty?

8-10 depending upon shifts.

What are the usual working hours??

8.30 AM to 9 PM initially, then it may increase if one is posted in CT and MRI department.

How many emergency duties per week and describe work if possible?

1 per week and that too only in CT/MRI department.

when posted in X-ray and Sonography department its upto us to attend emergencies in the form of image guided interventions mostly air insuffulations for reduction of Intussuception.(one consultant is always there)

Are you allowed to touch the patient?? Please describe the procedures you have done

we are allowed to do all radiography procedures like Micturating Urethrograms(MCU), Retrograde Urethrogram(RGU), Barium procedures( Swallow, Meal, Follow-up), Assist In HSG,

Sonography guided ascitic tapping, Pleural tappings and assist in USG guided Biopsies, assist in conventional angiographies etc.

When posted in CT department, free hand is given to residents to do ct guided biopsies.

How are the academics? Any case presentations done?

Daily 1hr of either spots or case discussions are done, lecture series by residents (seniors) is taken alternatively. Cases are discussed while reporting and this centre being the tertiary referral centre , all interesting cases from other 6 sub-centres are referred to our hospital for academics and reviewing.

How is the pass rate?? Have your seniors passed?

till now it is 100% passing rate.

How satisfied are you with your choice?


Any other departments at your institution good for DNB??

this is a dedicated tertiary referral centre for radiology itself.

Stipend and accomodation details

20000 and no accommodation being the biggest drawback here but with the decent level of case load and excellent passing rate, this factor is overshadowed.

Loads of PG hostels are there nearby the hospital so accommodation is not an issue anymore.

Any other info you would like to give?

Hands on sonography is comparatively less here but postings are given to other centres for the same. Whereas CT and MRI case load is excellent with all investigations being done @ 3T MRI. Special posting in PET-CT is given on rotation basis.

we are guided by consultants at each level of reporting helping us to rectify our mistakes with each report on the spot.

Why did you choose this hospital?

1. excellent case load being the referral centre for western India .

2. pretty decent passing rate.

3. radiology is about quality not quantity!! .

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