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Dr.Biren Shah Talks about general surgery & Voluntary health services,Chennai



Dr. Biren Shah considers himself lucky to be doing DNB Surgery at Voluntary health services,Chennai. Lets take a look at it through his eyes.

The Voluntary Health Services is a 465 bedded trust run hospital located in Chennai. It has completed 50 years of non profitable health care services. All general specialties and a few super specialties including a blood bank, haemophilia centre and de-addiction programme are available. ICU, Dialysis, laboratory investigations etc are available at a nominal cost. About 70 % of the patients (those with a monthly income below a certain limit) are treated free of cost.
 I must say its a good institution for undergoing DNB training as when we think of DNB , we all believe that in DNB there is less hands on experience for surgical branches but here the scenario is different. It’s not as good as  in a government hospital but for DNB its quite good.There are 3 units in surgery department , each unit have 2 days of Opd and 1 day for O..T. In addition  to  this there is plastic surgery OPD & O.T on Friday and  Urology OPD & OT on Saturday. General surgery OPD numbers are 25-30 everyday, plastic surgery OPD we get  3-5 patients and  Urology Opd 10-15. Indoor patient’s number varies 20+-5. We also have 45 days of posting for onco surgery in cancer hospital @ Adyar Chennai which is near to VHS hospital and is One of the best institutes for gaining experience.

Total 6 working OT theaters  there in VHS hospital  and in a month usually we have 8-10 general surgery OTs/week, 2-3 urosurgery OTs / week and plastic surgery OTs 2-3/month.One disadvantage is no 24hr sonography/ radiologist available so less number of emergency surgeries handling.
From the day 1 you have to start your work which includes basic OPD cases, dressings, suturing and all of course seniors will guide you for all the procedures.
If you ask  exposure wise , different or rare case  may be less as compared to govt hospital but you will get basic surgical cases. Work timings are like 8:00a.m to 3 or 4p.m which include your ward rounds ,OPD and OT. Then after evening rounds of 1-2 hours during your 1st year you are on call duty at night, only for referred cases by RMO for emergency. 
About academics there will be 1 lecture once a month by any consultant as most of the surgeons are busy. But after finishing OPD consultants will discuss about important cases which is good for us to develop  clinical skills.Case presentations are infrequent but we have weekly twice or thrice ward rounds with consultants.

Other Departments
We have  2 other branches here, 1 DNB 6 yr Neuro Surgery & DNB OBG primary & secondary both.

Neuro surgery department was initiated by father of Neurosurgery of india (B.Ramamurthy) but now a day’s patient load has decreased than before. OBG department  is good for academics but cutting chanches are less because secondary DNBs will also try their hand.
Pass rate is good for all the branches. Previously two seats were there for general surgery and both cleared theory, 1 cleared practical and 1 failed in it.

Stipend is 25/27/29k as by NBE guidelines.
Accommodation is available if you are single, for married people quarters are there but no vacancy.
Special feature This hospital is attached with dental college, so you will get 1 year teaching experience certificate, that may be helpful for getting a govt job.
My rank was 7547 in jan session but my seniors had good rank still they choose it. I feel, I am lucky to get such good institution at my rank.

Why i chose this hospital ? 

  1. I had other options of 6years course, & other general surgery but I choose it because my 1 friend in Chennai at MMC inquired for  this hospital in Chennai and he gave good reviews for it.
  2. because its a trust hospital.
  3. chennai is a metro city.

Dr, Biren Shah

DNB Resident,Dept of Hospital

Voluntary health services,Chennai

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