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Dr Divyam Sharma talks about Superspecialty courses and his experience in DNB


Hi friends,  I am often asked by many PG aspirants regarding  DNB courses and specially the direct 6 year Superspecialty courses in Neurosurgery, Cardiovascular, Plastic and Pediatric surgery.The most common doubts being the passing rates, cutting chances and overall the option of taking DNB vs MD-MS. The following would be my unbiased opinion.

In the current scenario final outcome of MD-MS/  Mch and DNB Supespecialty postgraduates is the same. There is no major difference in the terms of knowledge , experience or job opportunities.  The future prospects too remain the same.

In my hospital there are almost equal number of consultants of both the degrees doing amazingly well for themselves. The only advantage in MD-MS is that it has a  better pass percentage, but after the centralized DNB Councelling has been started only meritious students get in and  hence the pass percentage in DNB has also increased a lot.

I was offered General surgery in Army R R medical college,Delhi in AIPG but I took DNB neurosurgery course because

1.I loved surgery more than anything else and i knew without a Mch i would be competent enough.  

2. I wasnt in a mood to prepare for Mch after MS general Surgery.

Regarding the 6 yrs course, its in the DNB curriculum from many years,Neurosurgery in Sir Ganga ram Hospital is 19 yrs old and all batches have passed . Other places it started later but Gangaram hospital has had this course since a very long time.

The 6 yrs courses are good in the fact that you study only the same subject for 6 years so you get more time and get more experience. Only a few institutions provide the 6 yrs course, Sir Ganga ram hospital , Apollo hospitals, Max hospitals , Delhi, Narayan hridalaya in bangalore , and some other hospitals in South India. I don't have much idea about the other hospitals but in mine there is good exposure , cutting chance n overall pass percentage is quite good in the feild of neurosurgery, plastic and cardiovascular surgery.  Pediatric surgery is about average. Rest my final advice would be that the only deciding factor should b the branch of your choice and not whether its DNB/MD-MS .

Dr.Divyam Sharma

3rd year resident,DNB Neurosurgery

Sir Gangaram Hospital, Delhi



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