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Dr.Pankaj Gupta talks about Surgery & B.R singh railway hospital,Kolkatta


Dr Pankaj Gupta is a budding surgeon working as a DNB resident at B.R singh railway hospital , kolkatta since 5 months. He keeps his work apart for some time and talks about surgery and various other departments at this hospital. 


Background of B.R.Singh Hospital 

In 1934, Baba Ramrick Singh, the first Indian Railway Agent and the then acting GM of Eastern Bengal Railway(EBR) established a small health unit near Sealdah Railway Station. B.R.Singh Hospital started off with just 36 beds but is now one of the best equipped railway hospitals in India which has specialists in all the departments.

This hospital serves as:

Referral center for Eastern Railway and Metro Railway. Patients are also being referred from the adjacent Railway Zones e.g. South Eastern, East Coast, East Central and North Frontier Raiways.

Same Health care available for the retired staffs and their dependent family members from all over Indian Railways who has opted for the treatment at this hospital.

Besides being a referral hospital, it is also a Divisional Hospital of the Sealdah division of Eastetrn Railway, thereby provides 100% healthcare, starting from preventive and primary to all the staff and their dependent family members. 

Basic Information of the Hospital 

  • Sanctioned bed strength: 465
  • Average Indoor Admissions per day: 48
  • Average OPD attendance per day: 1230
  • Average number of deaths per day: 02
  • Average length of stay in days: 6.11
  • Total number of regular benificiaries: 45,024
  • Total number of Retired benificiaries: 18,697

Talking of surgery department at B.R Singh railway, hospital, it has the max bed strength after medicine that is approximately 150. You will get variety of cases but mostly as assistant. The number of independent cases you get depends on  which unit are you posted in. Some seniors have done 20 lap chole independently so i can easily say that exposure wise its good when you have learnt to do things but most doctors will stand in OT while we do surgery, complete independence is given only in short cases. In my 5 months period I have assisted around 50 lap chole but as a cameraman. There are 6 residents in total and work is divided equally amongst us, we do get time to study. We get consultants from outside  for all super speciality surgeries  i.e. urology, neurosurgery and ctvs but there is  no paediatric surgery.OPD case load is 100 on an average and one can see  all types of cases. I have seen whipple pancreaticojejunotomy,radical nephrectomy and cystectomy,so exposure is too good but hands on experience slightly less than government medical colleges and unit dependent, some units are awesome and give you so many chances while some are just average but overall its good.

Duty timings – we usually get free by 4 pm every day.

Emergency duties/24 hrs – 8 /month in first year, 4 /month in second year and 2/ month in final year

Academics/pass rate - This year all backlog cleared in surgery.

My rank was – 2775(OBC) and my colleagues rank was approx 1500(general)

Stipend – 75k

Accommodation – Available but 10k deducted if you take accommodation.

Fees is only 20k here

Other departments : best department is anaesthesia as i have seen first year giving spinal and GA. Also ICU is under them only with regular classes for them. Medicine department also good.In medicine and anaesthesia guys passed in very first attempt.

Why i chose B.R singh?

  1. Highest referral centre in east zone
  2. Government institute so good exposure
  3. Good stipend

 Dr.Pankaj Gupta

DNB Resident,Dept of surgery

B.R singh Railway hospital, Kolkatta



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