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Dr.Rohan P Raghuvanshi guides you for Medicine & Bombay hospital,Indore

Dr.Rohan has been working as a DNB resident in Medicine at Bombay Hospital,Indore for almost a year now. He tells us in detail about Bombay Hospital,Indore. 

At the onset I would like to appreciate Dr.Jateen for his Ernest attempt to provide  a common platform to clear  doubts  of many DNB aspirants who I know will be in a dual state of mind.


BHI  is  a 600 bedded multi speciality hospital , 12 storey building  providing care in  medicine , neurology , cardiology ,gastroenterology , pulmonary medicine ,gastro surgery ,  neuro surgery , orthopaedics , obs-gyn ,  paediatrics , ophthalmology , ENT . (At any one time around 220 beds are full maximum). There are 3 ICU --- 24 bedded RR // 20 bedded new ICU and 15 bedded cardiac ICU. 


Here there are DNB seats in 3 faculties


(SURGERY /ORTHO / OBS-GYN SEATS were cancelled 2 years back) 


DNB MEDICINE @ Bombay hospital has single seat in august session. 

There are full time 3 consultants in medicine with 2 in neurology, 1 in gastroenterology, 2 in cardiology, 2 in nephrology and 1 in pulmonary medicine (honorary basis). The number of consultants is pretty good and one should stay away from those hospitals boasting of 100 - 300 consultants that are just for namesake with consultant making appearance once in blue moon type. 

Our Morning rounds start at around 9 am and finishes by 11 am. OPD timing are from 11 to 3 pm and 4 to 6 pm. Evening round starts usually around 7 pm. We usually get free by 8 pm daily barring Sundays .Sundays there is no OPD , only morning rounds.  

Here at BHI , patient load is good  with all different types of cases that one can come across. Residents are allowed to touch the patients , take history , examine them .After we finish our ward work , we are most of the time with our respective consultants in their OPD and  I think this firsthand knowledge is very important.  OPD load in medicine is good with at least daily 50 patients in medicine / 40 patients in neurology / 40 patient in gastroenterology / 40 patients in cardiology).

Academics are less. Whatever we learn is at time of rounds and in OPD with our consultants and i would say that academically oriented institutes are very few to name in DNB as most of these are all corporate hospitals.

   Postings are in General  medicine unit for  6-8 months, in  neurology for  4-6 months, gastroenterology for 3-4 months, cardiology 3-4 months and 6 months of ICU duty at last  before exam which is 8 hourly daily with one week off so you get plenty of time to study in the last 6 months. On top of that you get a 1 to 1 1/2 month paid leave for preparation. 

Overall , BHI for medicine is  good  ( I shall not say very good ; but acceptable ) case load is present , first hand exposure there , healthy discussion with consultants  in OPD & rounds usually suffices. Plan is there to start academics soon. 

Regarding RADIOLOGY 1 secondary candidate and 1 primary candidate in august session) 

Radiology is good (they have regular rotation in there positing amongst CT/ MRI    and USG ). The respective case done in emergency does get reviewed by consultants the following day.   

USG daily 50 -60 patients 

 CT scan - 10 patients '

MRI - 15 patients

Obstetrics USGs are very less  

 Anaesthesia - good, they are also posted in ICU for 6months, those planning for critical care in future can  learn basics. 

Please confirm this info from a resident of that respective department.        

 Stipend is 30 / 31 / 32 k   with 2 k getting deducted for accommodation and food. 

 Accommodation is good, on the 9th floor of hospital building so you don’t have to go anywhere outside and save on transportation. 

At last i congratulate ones who have secured ranks and my best wishes to those of you who are preparing and for them I will say that if you work hard RANK IN ENTRANCE CAN BE DELAYED BUT CANNOT BE DENIED. 


My rank was – 634 in July session 

Dr.Rohan P Raghuwanshi  

DNB Resident,Dept of Medicine 




My Madhya pradesh no 7723960071

My whats app no 9890410353 


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