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Dr Sanket Patel talks about Radiodiagnosis at Nanavati hospital,Mumbai

Hello Freinds!! Dr Rajiv colaco has already given a very good review of Nanavati hospitals and orthopedics. You can go here to read that blog. So I will be concentrating on Radiodiagnosis in Nanavati.

The Radiodiagnosis department in Nanavati hospitals has all the machines that are required to acquire knowledge in Radiodiagnosis.

The Hospital has

  1. 5 sonography machines
  2. 1 CT (64 Slice with PET Scan)  machine
  3. 3 Tesla and 1.5 tesla MRI Machine
  5. BMD(Bone mineral density)
  6. Nuclear scans
  7. 1 HIFU machine(High frequency focused ultrasound)

Only two hospitals in Mumbai have the HIFU machine i.e Nanavati and Jaslok. These machines may be absent in a government medical college so this is where the advantage lies. Also almost all interventional radiology procedures are done in Nanavati.

Number of Consultants :

2 consultants in CT scan & PET scan

3 in MRI

3 in Sonography

2 in Xrays

2 in interventional radiology.


Each year we have total 4 primary DNBs, 2 secondary DNBs plus 2 CPS candidates.

Every 3rd day you will get emergency duties with one senior and we get usually 7-10 patients at night for CT scan and Sonography.


Patient load :  About 30 to 35 a day in sonography and CT

MRI 45 To 50 a day including appointments,ward patients and OPD patients.

In PET Scan every day about 13 to 15 PETs done plus CT scans.

The patient load is adequate to learn radiodiagnosis.

Academics:  To be frank they are just average, we have 1-2 lectures/case discussions per week. We can also ask the consultants our doubts during scanning. We can attend lectures in other medical colleges if we want more academics.

Pass rate :  Pass rate is 60-70 % in radiodiagnosis @ Nanavati. Theory almost everybody passes but with practical the overall situation is around 60-70 %.

Cutoff (jan session) : My rank- 471 My batchmates – 585

For Stipend and Accomodation you can read Dr.Rajivs Blog here.


Dr.Sanket Patel

DNB Resident,Dept of Radiodiagnosis

Nanavati Hospital and research centre,Mumabi

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