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Dr. Temoor Khan talks about General Surgery at Government Multi Specialty Hospital, Sector 16, Chandigarh


Government Multi Specialty Hospital, Sector 16, Chandigarh earlier known as General Hospital, is the oldest hospital in the city. Its capacity is 500 beds. When it comes to DNB General Surgery, exposure and cutting is really good.  I have already done a gastric perforation omentoplasty 6 months into my course, have started doing individual hydrocoele and have assisted in almost all cases done here. Laparoscopic surgeries are also done here and have assisted in that too. Department also is really chill axed and you get a free hand to work ,no compulsions at all. You can follow textbook protocols or follow hospital protocols , its your wish.  One drawback is that there are no definite classes or lectures but we discuss cases and topics amongst ourselves and with seniors. You can ask MOs for help anytime u want. We have once a month exam on some topic to asses our academic skills. You can attend PGI classes if you want but there are no compulsions to do the same. Also only general surgery cases are taken here. No specialised postings in neuro surgery, gastroenterology etc. OPD cases are many so exposure to minor O.T  is also fine and we get cases like  Fibroadenoma , sebaceous cyst, lipoma excision.

These are some of the routine cases :

Open cholecystectomy

Lap cholecystectomy

Inguinal hernia

Varicose vein stripping


Ventral hernia



Fistula in ano


 Emergency cases

Laparotomy for hollow viscous perforation

Resection anastomoses

Ileo transverse anastomoses etc

 Spleen trauma and liver trauma are not handled here and cases are referred to PGI. Working hours for surgery are a bit hectic but you will get plenty of time to study.Stipend is 31k and our first batch of surgery residents will give final exam this year so cant comment on pass rate right now.

Other departments

Paediatrics I have heard is good but here no ventilators , academics are good and exposure too very good.

OBG is ok! Good exposure! Good academics

Medicine very good exposure but academics not that good. No ICU in medicine.

Orthopaedics good exposure and cutting ,no academics.


Dr.Temoor Khan

DNB resident, Dept of General Surgery

Government Multi Specialty Hospital,

Sector 16, Chandigarh

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