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First Impression : DNB Radiodiagnosis at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute , New Delhi

Edited by Dr Varsha Ukrani

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre is today counted amongst Asia’s premier exclusive cancer centres that offer the unique advantage of cutting edge technology, put to use by renowned super specialists. This potent combination of man and machine ensures world-class cancer care to not only patients from India, but also from the neighboring SAARC countries and others. We are fortunate to have taken care of over 2 Lakh patients since inception in 1996.Spread over nearly 2 lakh square feet area, with a current capacity of 300 beds, RGCIRC is one of the largest tertiary cancer care centres in the continent.Dr Jitin Goyal who joined DNB Radiodiagnosis here tells us he is extremely satisfied with his choice and answers a few questions about  this place. If you still have queries you can contact him on 9993456374

DISCLAIMER :  This information is for Guiding DNB /MD Aspirants only. This is not a review of Overall Patient care in These hospitals which may not be affected by what is being discussed here. The Information Provided here cannot be used for any other purpose or to asses the patient care in these hospitals. This is just a review of a postgraduate course running in the mentioned hospital and is meant for guiding medical aspirants only.

What was Your rank in NEET PG/DNB ?


How many consultants are there in your department in the concerned specialty?

There are six consultants in radiology departments. All are themselves a major figure in Radiodiagnosis.

What are the usual working hours??

9am to 5:30 pm, but we usually sit till 7 to 8 pm

How many emergency duties per week?

No emergency duties, Sunday duties divided between me and my colleague. Second year onwards there is on call duty in night. Although residents are there on call after 8pm.

Are you allowed to touch the patient??

Totally free hand. Provisional report is by residents and finalized by consultants. USG has total free hand.

How are the academics? Any case presentations done?

Academics are best here. We have 2 or 3 weekly presentations given by residents and journal club by consultants and fellows.We have daily case of the day presentation where we are used to present daily cases that help you prepare for exam also.

How is the pass rate?? Have your seniors passed?

100% pass rate, no back log till now

How satisfied are you with your choice?

Very satisfied

Any other departments at your institution good for MD/DNB??

DNB radiotherapy is best here.

Stipend and accomodation details:

Stipend is 70k per month in first year. There is no accommodation.

Any other info you would like to give?

Here I usually get exposed to quality cases daily.Consultants are so friendly, one can ask or approach them easily for any query. Fellows and seniors are awesome. They help us in every sense.

Why did you choose this hospital?

  1. Radiology is mostly 60 to 70% about oncology. This hospital is best for it.
  2. Due to its close proximity to my hometown.
  3. This hospital is one of the best in intervention radiology in its own.

Note : The information provided here may change over a period of time eg. the stipend may increase/decrease over a period of 1-2 years . Please confirm these details from a resident if the date of publishing of the blog is more than one year old. 

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