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My journey through Orthopedics at KIMS,Trivandrum

By - Dr Sitanshu Barik

Edited by - Dr Jateen Ukrani

Dr Sitanshu has been my classmate and friend from KMC,Mangalore. During his stay at KMC he has been the most genuine class representative we have seen and he further  continued his ernest efforts to pass his DNB Orthopedics theory in first attempt from KIMS,Trivandrum.He shares with us his journey through ups and downs at KIMS , giving us valuable information about the institute.

When I joined Orthopaedics at KIMS 3 years back it was the last seat for orthopaedics that was left in July session second round. The seat was transferred from January session and I considered myself lucky in getting the last seat of orthopaedics. However, it was the first year of the institute for conducting DNB courses and once I joined, a negative feeling started creeping into me. There were no academics, no seniors to guide and this being a private hospital I felt that getting hands on experience would be difficult. With all this in mind overcoming the obstacle of DNB looked quite impossible. I used to be very pessimistic about the institute and if i were told to write about it 2 years back I would have given a total negative review. But with a little bit of effort from my side things got better and it all lead to this point where I passed my theory in first attempt. But a lot of hard work went into it..Right from organizing academics to studying laboriously and during all this I realized the truth about DNB orthopaedics at KIMS.

At KIMS we have 4 consultants in orthopaedics departments which include Arthoplasty, spine, hand and Deformity. For most of the time you will be posted in Arthoplasty and spine surgery units. Trauma is dealt by all the units. When it comes to hands on exposure and cutting chances I will frankly say that you should not expect much at least in quantity. This is a private hospital so you should not expect it to give you good hands on exposure but if you do prove yourself ,you will get some hands on exposure which is  going to be the really good coz the professors will be right there next to you for guiding you. This is where it is better from government medical colleges. Government medical colleges will definitely give you more cutting chances but most of the surgeries that will be performed by you will be unsupervised i.e you have to read the procedure in the book before hand and do it on the operating table. We on the other hand get guidance from some of the best people in this field on the 20-25 surgeries that we do in our course time. Whatever we learn will be perfect, but we wont get the numbers like govt medical colleges. If your comparing it to private medical colleges i can easily say that its atleast a 100 times better than other private medical colleges.

When it comes to academics we do have theory classes , atleast two per week but all of this was organized by me and my collegue. We literally have to push the consultants to take classes. If you’re interested you  will have to push for it and they wont object. There are no case presentations as such but just before the practical exams you can ask the consultant to take case presentations for you, again you have to ask him, he won’t object.

Me and my colleague both passed theory in first attempt because we both worked hard for it .With that and after knowing many other things my initial view about KIMS has changed. I feel that it’s not as bad as I thought it would be initially. We do get better quality of exposure when compared to other government hospitals and private medical colleges. The amount of hard work you have to put in is definitely more but in the end you do get paid for it. Sometimes getting the right guidance during performing surgeries can be more fruitful than performing a number of surgeries unguided. But for getting cutting chances and learning the subject it’s your effort that counts the most. If your dedicated , want only orthopaedics, thrive on it, stubborn about it and are not getting any other reputed hospital then only take KIMS, because here it’s your effort that counts the most than anything else. I am saying this because I have been through the worst and the best phases at KIMS, most of the academics part was organized by me so obviously being closely associated with KIMS I do feel that once I leave probably things will be worse. At the same time I also see more and more people joining now ,the strenghth of PGs is increasing so it can be said that things should be more organized in the future. But just like other hospitals KIMS also has its share of negative points.

Duty hours : 8 30 am to around 6 pm. Morning first hour is dedicated to clinical meeting to discuss admissions on previous day. We have atleast 5 emergency duties in a month with compensatory off on the next day which can be carried forward to anyday within 3 months if you want. You will get 3 months of study leave before exams which is a huge plus point coz at most places you get maximum 1 month study leave. Another plus point is that a good library facility is available with all the books, journals and internet. These are somethings that are better than other places and some of the other government colleges.

Stipend is 32k. You get 5k extra every year to attend conferences. If your presenting a paper at the conference then your entire trip is sponsored by the institute. Accomodation is provided by the hospital and is located in nearby areas.

My rank was – 1400 in july session, my colleagues was 500 in july session.

Other departments – Medicine and Pediatrics are extremely good with academics.

 My advice to you - Work hard in your DNB. Nothing can beat hard work and as i said before DNB always rewards hard workers. Forget the barriers of ignorance, even if you are at a bad institute you can try to change things there by your effort. If you give your best then things will definitely turn out to be good. Study well, practice case presentations, read regularly and above all be ppersistent if your doing all this your on the right track.

Dr Sitanshu Barik

Former DNB Orthopedics Resident



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