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Never give up on your Dreams - DNB Psychiatry at VIMHANS,Vijayawada

By Dr Girish Menon Edited by Dr Jateen ukrani

Dr Girish sir is my senior from VIMHANS, currently working as an Assitant professor in Jubilee Mission Medical college & hospital, Thrissur,Kerala. He is the reason why most of us (including myself) joined VIMHANS,Vijaywada. His motto " One life, One oppurtunity, One chance" is still famous amongst us and continues to drive us towards passing DNB. He takes us through his journey as a PG resident and learning the all important lesson of not giving up your dream at VIMHANS,Vijayawada   

Hello Everyone..

  I am Dr Girish menon currently working as Assistant professor in the Dept of Psychiatry at Jubilee Mission Medical college Thrissur, Kerala. Its been a fantastic journey from the time of joining MBBS in Russia to becoming Asst prof in Psychiatry. Right from my MBBS time, somehow it got into my mind that psychiatry is the branch that I needed to take up and I seriously started thinking and planning about it once I came back to India for my internship. I worked in psychiatry dept for almost 2 years  under Dr James T Anthony sir, whose guidance was pivotal In  making up my mind that yes this is my dream branch and I would pursue it further. But as you all know things aren’t so easy specially to get into pg for graduates like us from Russia. Also it becomes even more difficult when  you say you want psychiatry and same was the case with me as friends & family everyone looked upon me as if I had some mental issues to take up psychiatry. But those things didn’t bother me and also I had few options only in front of me  for PG and one among them was joining DNB. Thus I started my journey in search of good dnb institute as at that time (2010) it was just interview that was required(no centralized councelling) , once u have cleared dnb cet. So I went around places from Kerala to Mumbai and after visiting few institutes providing dnb, I finally made up my mind to join DNB Psychiatry at VIMHANS ,Vijayawada primarily for 2 reasons - they seemed to be having good no of patients and after speaking to my senior there I was convinced that they do really care for the students unlike most of other dnb centres at that time, secondly they didn’t charge any extra money for admission .

 So finally I was very happy and delighted that I got my dream branch but at the same time I was very apprehensive about the whole DNB thing because before I left kerala for dnb, many of my friends and seniors told me that it’s the worst thing to do by taking dnb, you would never ever clear it and even if you clear, you wont get job easily so better leave it but I was determined that I would pursue dnb psychiatry no matter whoever says what. Somehow somewhere inside me I had that feeling and belief that I could make it no matter what may happen and probably that belief helped me get through dnb final exam in first attempt.

So I finally joined DNB psychiatry @ vimhans in feb 2010.. it was a tough decision as I had to leave my parents as iam the only child, also to learn again a new language that too for psychiatry was again challenging after learning Russian during MBBS days , but still that belief inside me gave me strength to follow my dreams. After I joined vimhans my apprehensions, my doubt all slowly started to vanish as  I started to learn the subject . Though initially it was tough to manage patients due to language barrier but with help of some people in the institute I mastered it. I would like to give credits to 2 great people of the institute ,Dr IRS sir , Director of the Institute and Vishal sir,his son and chief psychiatrist at the institute, both amazing people in their own ways . What they had in common was they always stood by us and never made us feel that we are just some random people who the institute got for doing their work. I am really indebted to both of them for everything  that I gained during those wonderful 3 years of my pg life, along with other professors of the institute who were always encouraging and helping us with whatever possible  ways they could. Also I consider my self really lucky that I had some wonderful seniors and juniors along with my colleagues who helped me lots during the toughtest period specially final year preparations. Vimhans was not just an institute for me but rather like a family for me. Iam sure  there are very few institutes in India where one would get so much  opportunity to enjoy and study at the same time. When both happen simultaneously you never feel that pressure of work or studies . The credit goes to both vishal sir and irs sir, also we had a wonderful dedicated staff who never bothered us unnecessarily were very cooperative even though initial language barrier was there.

Finally when the results of both theory and practicals came it was like dream come true for me, it was the  happiest day of my life and im sure it would be the same for anyone who had to take up so many challenges , proving yourself what your capable of while disproving others who didn’t believe in you. Now when I look back I couldn’t have asked for anything more in my life. When I teach pg students in my college I try to emulate what my mentors and teachers taught me at VIMHANS and continue their good work forward.

I would like to tell all the future aspirants of dnb , specially psychiatry aspirants never ever give up on your dreams…don’t let anyone else opinion matter to you than yours …be smart and chose wisely what you want so that later you don’t regret have a clear idea of what you are going to do..and above all have a strong believe that you can do it and its possible..

Good luck!!!

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