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One of the best : DNB Anesthesia at Medanta Medicity,Gurgaon

By Dr Chhavi Goel  Edited by Dr Jateen Ukrani

Dr Chhavi goel is first year DNB Anesthesia Resident at Medanta Mediciti hospital,Gurgaon. She says the hospital is one of the best for DNB in india and will soon become the most sought after institute for DNB in India as working conditions and coporate culture is just as amazing as the patient variety and exposure. On a whole Medanta Mediciti has a class of its own.  She also gives us a detailed overview about DNB Anesthesia at Medanta. 




In Medanta , the anesthesia department is known as Medanta institute of Anesthesia and Critical care. There are 6 different depts :

General anes

Ortho anes

GI anes

Neuro anes

Cardiac anes

Critical care

They have their own teams and there are around 50 consultants in total with 12 DNB residents in total . Work is equally shared amongst the residents. Emergency duties are there ,but number not fixed, varies according to work load.

The general dept includes urology, plastics, thoracic, ophthal , pediatric surgery,ENT , head and neck. We are posted in various departments for a fixed duration according to seniority and specialisation eg Ortho and GI anes is for 6 months , first 3 months in first 1 and half yrs and next 3 months in the later half of PG , cardiac and neuro anesthesia postings are in final year or late second year and so the duration is variable according to each speciality. Work timings are usually 8am – 5 pm but not fixed. We have excellent exposure in anesthesia for robotic renal transplants , liver transplant,  plastics  and cosmetics with all regional blocks and pain management. Apart from that cardiac is a speciality in itself with off pump cardiac surgeries, vascular reconstruction and surgery for TOF(BT shunt),  pediatric surgery  eg sx like TGA,TAPVC etc. So we get exposure to anesthesia for all kind of surgeries. We have specialized trauma centres and ICUs for critical care like Neuro ICU, Cardiac ICUs, Transplant ICU. The OT list on an average day is around 50-60 and on a heavy day crosses 100 with around 10 knee replacements everyday in specialised units in knee, hand ,spine with specialised surgeries  like decompressions and fusion spine reconstructions etc. There is no OBG dept in Medanta and for OBG we are posted in Artemis, but the thing which I want to say personally is that we do get to learn epidurals and everything in other postings , but we can have an idea of obs in Artemis. Hands on is pretty good, if there are 10 epidurals, we get to do 4-5 depending on experience. We are given easier ones first and its fully supervised by Consultants which is a very good thing. So far I have learned intubation, spinal, central lines , arterial lines, dialysis catheters,LP etc

Academics are average, there is Schedule that is prepared in the beginning of the year, but not strictly followed due to availability of consultants. Nevethless, Consultants chair case presentation and discussions are held. The first batch of anesthesia residents have given there exam this Dec 14, so they are expecting results soon hence I cant comment on the passrate.

Stipend is 45k,50k & 55k in respective years, Accomodation is not available.

Other departments like Radio , Patho, Micro , Medicine are also decent for DNB although they had first batch last year only.

My rank was – 3714

Why i chose DNB anesthesia at Medanta?

I didnt want to go south for doing pg, wanted to be in Delhi only.

 I didnot have a great rank in DNB, but it was my only rank.

I wanted to go ahead with a good institute



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