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Overview: DNB General Surgery & St Isabel's hospital,Chennai

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Dr Yogesh Kj Pursued his MBBS from Karnataka instititute of medical sciences,Hubli . He is currently pursuing his 2nd year DNB General Surgery from a St Isabel's Hospital, Chennai which is a 300 bedded trust run hospital. He tell us that the exposure is just about average, but what matters is the pass rate which is 100% for General surgery in this hospital. He is willing to help DNB Residents who want to pursue DNB General Surgery at this hospital 


E-mail:[email protected]
Institute pursuing/passed DNB from:St isabel hospital. Chennai
Branch in which pursuing DNB:General Surgery
what was Your rank in DNB and your colleagues rank in DNB if any:3500 & 5265(jan session)
How many consultants are there in your department in the concerned specialty ? :3 +2, 
What are the usual working hours??:8-8 pm. But will b free in between for many hours ,We have 6-7 months posting in superspecialty in outside hospitals. For urology - here only ,Plastic - RT hospital, Neuro - SIMS institute of neurosciences, CTVS - Railways hospital, Pediatric surgery - Child trust hospital and for Endoscopy - Madras medical college.
How many emergency duties per week and decribe work if possible.:1 per week. N every 6th Sunday.
If its a surgical branch then what all surgeries you have performed till now? :Have performed all minor surgeries, hands on is average, you get more work as you become senior. 
Are you allowed to touch the patient ?? please describe the procedures you have done .:Yes
How are the academics? any case presentations done? Please put a timetable if present.:Atleast one class per week, but just 4-5 months before exams there will be a class everyday. Quality is average to good.
How is the pass rate?? have your seniors passed.:100% till now, no failures
how satisfied are you with your choice? :Very satisfied
Any other departments at your institution good for DNB??:DNB OBG is  excellent here.
Stipend and accomodation details:25,27,29k. Hostels for outsiders.
Why did you chose this hospital? Give atleast 3 reasons or decribe in detail:
  1. I had very few choices at my rank
  2. This is a Trust hospital and i was told trust run hospitals are good for surgical branches
  3. In a metro - Chennai.

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