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Quality and Quantity : DNB Anesthesia at St Stephens Hospital, Delhi

Dr Raghav Gupta In Rendezvous with Dr Jateen Ukrani

Dr Raghav gupta is my junior from KMC,Mangalore. He has been a brilliant student througout his MBBS and is currently Pursuing DNB Anesthesia from St Stephens hospital,Delhi. He shares with us important informattion about the hospital , the academics and exposure to help DNB aspirants take a better decision for themselves.

About St Stephen’s hospital(Sourced from Website)

St Stephen's Hospital is the oldest and one of the largest private Hospitals in Delhi. Established in 1885,it has a capacity of about 600 beds, and is a superspeciality tertiary care Hospital offering care in all Specialities and most superspecialities.

Apart from treating patients, the Hospital is running DNB in various Speciality and Superspeciality courses affiliated to the National Board of Examinations and recognized by the Medical Council of India. The DNB training programme in this hospital commenced in 1990.

My Humble beginning

I had always wanted a career in Medicine, and anaesthesia being a medical branch was my second choice. I had managed a good rank of around 570 in August session, and badly wanted  to pursue medicine. When i reached the laptop viewing station on councelling day, there were 4 seats of Medicine still left at Govt Medical college, Chandigarh and i wished that i could get my hands on one of those. But by the time i reached the final station where i was supposed to choose a seat, all seats of Medicine at Chandigarh were gone. Thankfully, i had a priority list ready with me ( which my seniors had told me to keep in hand at the time of councelling) and Stephens anesthesia was next on that list. So i took the 1 seat of anethesia that had been carried forward from Jan to july session that year. 2 candidates had already joined Anesthesia at Stephens in January session, and 1 seat which got vacant became my destiny.

The Department of Anesthesia At St Stephens

 3primary and 3 secondary DNBs each year ( all in December session)  , 5 Anesthesia consultants, 2 ICU consultants

The Awakening

The best part about Anesthesia at St.Stephens is that the quality and quantity of work,both are amazing. I realized this after some of my Post Diploma Seniors  from reputed govt medical colleges , compared their diploma experience to what they are getting in DNB and told many medical colleges wont provide the kind of exposure we get here. There are about 6-9 emergency duties per month apart from regular OT Days. We are posted weekly in one of the 9OTs of various departments. There is absolute free hand in work, no restrictions whatsoever as most of the patients are from low or middle socio economic stratum. If we are good then we will be told to do procedures from day 10 of our joining.  Secondary DNBs and SRs teach a lot, everything we learn is from them.

Its been more than 1 and half year and i have learnt and performed all procedures incuding spinal, caudal,epidural, nasal & oral intubation, regional blocks,central lines, Intubating LMAetc. Newer devices like Fibreoptic guided procedures are present, but we get less chance to learn those. Peripheral nerve stimulator is also available for nerve blocks .There is good exposure to anesthesia for all types of surgeries except for cardiac and burns cases.

Academics – Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday seminars, no moderator for seminar topic, discussion is done if you are interested. Academics are about average, most of the work we learn from Secondary DNBs and SRs. 5 out of 6 candidates passed final exam( all primaries passed)

Other Departments

Ortho is the best department, nobody has ever failed in Ortho, Due to renowned orthopedician Dr Mathew Verghese. Classes ,academics, work exposure everything is good.

OBG, Paediatrics department is good

Gen surgery not so good, no CGHS, so less work load

Medicine good, workload is good.

Neurosurgery good, good amount of free hand and all surgeries performed.

For further details,please ask residents of respective departments

Stipend & Accomodation

 35,37 39k for primaries in respective years, For secondaries its  around 42 and 44k

Accomodation is  available, but Delhites wont get, may have to wait 6-8 months. 

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