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Taking the road less Traveled : DNB Surgery at Civil Hospital,Aizawal

By Dr Mahesh Ghule Edited By - Dr Jateen Ukrani

Dr Mahesh ghule has been helping the cause of guiding DNB aspirants for taking up surgery since the past 6 months. About a year ago he himself took the road less traveled by deciding to join DNB Surgery at Civil Hospital,Aizawal in Mizoram coming all the way from Maharashtra and this he  says  has made all the difference in his life. 

 The present 350 Bedded Civil Hospital Aizawl is only tertiary referral centre in the entire state., located at capital of Mizoram .Although hospital had a modest beginning, Established in 1896 with a few Beds, it  functioned as a “Kuli Dispensary” and in 1906 the Hospital had  around 12 Beds to cater to the Small population at that time.

 From 1966 onwards the massive influx / migration of Rural Population to Aizawl in search of Jobs, better Education and other opportunities necessitated the increase of bed strength to cope with the ever increasing demand.

At present the following specialties for the best medical care services within the State of Mizoram are available in the Hospital – Surgery, Medicines, Obs Gynae, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Dermatology, Radiology, Ophthalmology, ENT, Pathology, Bacteriology, Biochemistry, Anesthesiology, Oncology, Forensic Medicines and Blood Bank. The Hospital to a large extent apart from giving best Medical Services to the people of Mizoram , wants to reduce the number of patients referred to Hospitals outsides the States with liberal funds.

In January session my rank was 4500 and I got this hospital because of my luck, everybody will be scared to take up this seat, many will avoid it , but my seniors and myself ,we have taken the risk and we got the benefit of that  as from next year onwards it will be taken up at a higher rank and no doubt within 2 or 3 years this hospital will be in the top ten hospitals of India.

In January when I got rank in DNB I wanted govt. institute for surgery because I never wanted to just take a degree from corporate hospital, I had lots of choices from Bangalore, Kerala ,Tamilnadu ,Haryana ,Punjab , Chhattisgarh and also in my home town  Aurangabad Maharashtra, but at only 2-3 places govt. hospitals were available at my rank, all others were corporate hospitals or offered  6 year super specialty courses. I want to do Mch in neurosurgery so I wanted my foundation stone to be strong, and the base should be 90% perfect ,I believe . One more reason is that 2 of my seniors are from Maharashtra so that was the most beneficial point for me. I came all the way form Maharashtra, to Aizwal only for doing the best thing. And all that I ever desired from a institute, I have got  here.

 I have joined here on 10th May and since then ,iam enjoying every moment serving people here in midst of the mountains. DNB course here started last year, so this is our 2nd batch. Every year we have only 2 seats in surgery, and till now we are 4 residents,2 seniors and two of us juniors.

 There are 2 units in surgery. 6 consultants to guide us, 3 consultants in unit-1 and 2 in unit 2,and we have one  retired nephrologist of this civil hospital who came for doing surgery in unit 2. As Mizoram is hilly area , thats why some problem regarding space, so we have only 2 wards ,two major ots and 1 minor ot ,but the patient load is tremendous ,daily 1800 patients visit the hospital opd, surgery department has around 150 to 170 patients in OPD daily.

I am presently posted in unit 1. Daily round starts at 7.30am then consultant’s round at 9am,at 10:30 we start our OPD or OT, which goes on till 3 to 4pm. My unit has OPD on Monday ,Wednesday  ,Friday and OT on Tuesday, Thursday ,Saturday, after OPD we have minor surgical cases like- lipoma, seb cyst... daily >20 cases are there. 3 emergencies in a week and alternate Sunday emergency. Taking daily routine into consideration we also get some time to study

About procedures:

Major procedures include ca rectum, ca stomach, ca breast , goiter, ursl ,pyelo , cholecystectomy , appendix etc. every day 6-7 cases are posted in major ot.

Minor procedures like - fibroadenoma, piles ,anal fissure ,accessory breast ,circumcision, stent removal etc. 10-12 minors cases are posted in minor ot on ot days.

Uptill now I have done 5 appendicetomy ,pile banding ,anal fissure, fibroadenoma in major ot and I have assisted >170 surgeries out of that >80-90 surgeries I was the 1st assistant .

 we don’t have seperate posting in nephro or cardio because we don’t have superspecialty departments, but we are doing all surgeries including craniotomy here, except cardiac. 


 We have surgery departmental seminar on ever Tuesday and Saturday

 Entire hospital’s grand seminar on Friday

 One case presentation on every Sunday.

Residency is not only work and academics here, but its also about enjoying every moment of it.

I m not joking but the most active hardworking and academically stout department is of surgery.

Our atmosphere here is very familiar, we have parties with our consultants at their home or in resorts, every 2 months and surgery department picnic every 4-6 months, it was on 22 November this year.

Accommodation is excellent

Stipend is 30,35,40k,

But there is no facility of mess here most probably it will start in this month or next month.

Other departments:

 Medicine is also best but academic is less

 Pediatrics is good but academic is almost nil

OBGY is below avg.

To conclude I would say that we are  learning here ,enjoying and experincing a lot in natures heart. 

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