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DNB CET Jan 2014 : Analysis of 2nd & further rounds of councellings

As we mentioned previously , 2014 councelling saw some landslide changes in trends. But Second round witnessed the same trend  as observed in  previous year's second round. Fewer options were available for those who had opted out in first round and most of them felt they should have opted in first round itself. There was not much difference in the quantity or quality of hospitals that were available in second round. 

Key statistics

A total of 305 hospitals & 454 seats (including family medicine & category ) were available for second round as opposed to 554 hospitals & 920 seats in first round

Medicine got over before 4000 rank itself unlike first round in which it was available beyond 4600 rank.

Most of the branches got over by 6000 rank unlike first round where some clinical branches were not taken till 6000 rank.

Here are the details of Second round of councelling .

Schedule for Second Round of Councelling

Seat matrix for second round

Seats remaining after first day

Seats remaining after second day

Seats remaining after third day

Seats remaining after fourth day 

Seats remaining after fifith day

Soon after the second round of councelling got over NBE announced an extended round of councelling 

Schedule of Extended second round

122 hospitals with 122 seats were available in this round of councelling, Total 1700 students were eligible for this round, of these 309 were in the first 6000 ranks and rest had ranks beyond 6000. This round was also not very fruitfull for candidates.

Seat matrix for extended second round

 In july 2014 almost 7 months after the exam, NBE called for another Last/final round of councelling .

Schedule of Final round of councelling.

Total 1283 people were eligible for this round ( people who had opted out in any of the previous rounds and had not taken a confirmed seat ).Around 120 hospitals with 146 seats ,which were more than previous round were available for this councelling. Many clinical seats were availale beyond 6000 rank .

Seat matrix for final round

Everybody at this point thought it was all over, but NBE surprised with a yet another round of councelling due to a change of rule (thanks to saurav yadav's efforts) that no seat can be transfered from one session to another.

Announcemnet for Last round 

List of candidates eligible

Seat matrix for last round

total 144 students were eligible for this round. Around 50 hospitals and 58 seats were present for councelling.

But the point to be noted here is that 3000 rank person got Radiodiagnosis in Delhi !!! which he did not even dream off earlier. Similarly 10000 rank got medicine.

(Radiodiagnosis got over at 1600 rank in first round of councelling & medicine at around 4600)

We will be posting interviews from these people soon to tell you their extraordinary stories. The most important thing that needs to be understood is the sheer unpredictabilty of DNB councellings. Though they have promised that things will be more streamlined with AIPG councellings from this year(once again thanks to saurav yadavs efforts) , it would be safe to say that you should not let go of a golden oppurtunity, so grab a seat if your getting the hospital & branch of your choice,  dont postpone, you cannot control everything that goes around you, but you can have full control over your own choices & actions.

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