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What can I expect at my rank in July DNB CET?? – Know your prognosis

Hello everyone !! We would like to congratulate everyone who has secured a rank in DNB CET January session.  Usually Clearing DNB CET and getting a rank is easy, but choosing a good hospital and fighting the so called stigma of DNB is very difficult. Many people will say, DNB Is not equivalent, you won’t get good exposure and go on misguiding you for their own benefit. Beware of such people and be assured that nothing can be generalized, there are places in DNB which are better than MD/MS courses, then there are places which are worst than doing diplomas, but to guide you through all this mess, to show the right way, to lead you towards your dream you have with you in all your worries. So be patient, keep following the posts regularly and all your doubts regarding equivalence, the best hospitals and the worst hospitals will be cleared in due course , as there is plenty of time for DNB Councelling.

We had managed to gather huge amount of data last year during live councelling updates, This data was never available to a DNB aspirant as NBE doesnt provide any such information so this is a huge development in the history of DNB councelling where you will know which rank took which seat for most of the ranks.  This is the most accurate information that is available for DNB Councellings based on 2015 July Councelling Data . But before that you can check your prognosis.

Here is your Prognosis in DNB Counselling based on your rank.

Ranks <2000 can definitely get a clinical subject

Ranks 2000-3000 have a Fair shot at clinical. If not in first round, then maybe in second round.

Ranks 3000 and beyond should prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  (I.e. keep on studying and follow counselling updates regularly.)

Once you have realized you may get something and celebrated your success you can go thru the following links to know exactly what you can expect. This is the best and most accurate data available for DNB CET. No other website will provide you such valuable information. Still it may vary slightly as most of this information is sourced from people like all of us and you :)  

Indicative seat matrix for first day

Ranks 1 to 125 - Highlights of First day Councelling can be found here

Seats left after 1st day

Ranks 126 to 300 - Highlights of Second day Councelling can be found here 

Seats left after 2nd day

Ranks 301 to 500 - Highlights of Third day Counselling can be found here

Seats left after 3rd day

Ranks 501 to 700 - Highlights of Fourth day Counselling can be found here

Seats left after 4th day

Ranks 701 to 1000 - Highlights of Fifth day Counselling can be found here

Seats left after 5th day

Ranks 1001 to 1600 - Highlights of Sixth day Counselling can be found here

Seats left after 6th day

Ranks 1600 to 2200 - Highlights of Seventh day Counselling can be found here

Seats left after 7th day

Ranks 2200 to 3200 - Seats left after 8th day

Ranks 3200 to 4400 - Seats left after 9th  day



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