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2015 DNB CET January Councelling so far : Trend Comparisons

For the first time in history of DNB, we have been able to put together massive information about what seats are going at what rank. Most of this information is brought to us by YOU. Students like YOU message us this information from the councelling venue. We have tried to make this information as accurate as possible but still there may be variations and its difficult to gather all information because of stringent councelling procedures. Information for some seats may be missing or may not be accurate. We have also brought trend comparisons for you this year. You can see the trends for the hottest branches now, trends from other branches will be updated soon.

The trend comapares councelling for first 900 ranks in 2015 vs councelling for first 1000 ranks in 2014, as a direct comparison is not possible due to different schedule this time.


88 seats for Radiology in 2015( including category)

36 left after tcouncelling upto 600 ranks( only general category counted)

22 left after councelling upto 900 ranks(  only general category counted)

94 total seats for Radiology in 2014 (including category)

45 left after rank 600(only general category counted)

22 left after 1000 ranks(only general category counted)


2015 177 total(including category)

159 Left after councelling for 600 ranks(only general category counted)

150 left  after councelling for 900 ranks.(only general category counted)

2014 – 176 total ( including category)

After councelling for 600 ranks - 156 left(only general category counted)

After councelling for  1000 ranks - 137 left (only general category counted)


2015 -  119 seats initially in 2015 overall (106 in general category.)

103 seats left after  councelling for 600 ranks.

94 seats left after councelling for  900 ranks

2014 – 120 seats initially(110 general category)

107 left after councelling for rank 600 (only general category counted)

99 left after councelling for 1000 rank (only general category counted)

These trends signify that Paediatrics and Radiology are hotter this year as compared to medicine, and their seats are going at a slightly higher rate as compared to last year.

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