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Our letter to NBE For clarifying status of DNB Vs MD/MS

Hello everyone!! Its been a long saga between MoFHW and MCI over the issue of whether DNB is equivalent to MD/MS or not. MoHFW has time and again said that DNB is equivalent to MD/MS and has even issued a public notice regarding the same. Despite all this a recent document emerged in front of us which stated that MCI had downgraded DNB once again. Its was quite the news last week. Seeing all this some of my seniors and myself mailed to NBE asking for a clarification. The mail contained the link to the minutes of the meeting held by MCI stating qualifications for Teachers eligiblty guidelines and stated the following :  

Dear Sir/Madam,
It has been time and again told by NBE that DNB is equivalent to MD. But, we have found a document in MCI website which is as recent as 09/09/2014 which downgrades DNB. 
I am attaching the above said document for your kind appraisal. 

Upon sending the email to NBE i have received the following reply from them.

Seeing this reply, i can say that they definetly sound upset with MCI's decision making. They have clearly said that it is " ultra vires " i.e beyond MCI's legal power. They have forwarded the mail to the Secretary,MoHFW and the necessary action will be taken. 

I personally dont feel that DNB will be downgraded unless and untill MoHFW wants it to happen. We have already seen the gazette notification stating that DNB is equivalent to MD/MS and MoHFW even sent copies to each hospital saying that DNB is equivalent to MD/MS. So  If you still feel anxious about it instead of showing it online and writing on discussion forums please copy paste the mail that we sent and send to [email protected] to do your part of the job.

Dr. Jateen Ukrani

DNB Resident, Dept of Psychiatry


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