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24/08/15 DNB CET July 2015 Councelling Updates

Afternoon session Updates

Source :  Students at the councelling venue. We are trying to make the information as accurate as possible for you, but still it may vary slightly. Information about some seats may be missing. Please Wait for official confirmation.

total 36 people have come for afternoon session . 3 people between 200-213 ranks.

Radiology all over in morning session. Expected cutoff was 200, but last seat went at 161 rank.  Much earlier than last years cutoff.

6 Medicine seats at TMH were available at the start, 2 Gen surgery at Gangaram,delhi

203 - Orthopaedics, Sanjay Gandhi Accident hospital, Bangalore

205 - Opt out

207 - Medicine, Malla Reddy hospital

213,216 - Medicine, TMH Jamshedpur

222 - Medicine, Govt Gen Hospital, Chandigarh

229 - Surgery, BNR hospital, Kolkatta

236 - Sant Parmanand Hospital, Orthopedics,Delhi

240 - Gen Surgery at Gangaram, now one seat for surgery remaining here. 

247,250 - TMH , Jamshedpur, Medicine

257 - Medicine, Lilavati

258 - TMH Jamshedpur, Pediatrics

266 - TMH , jamshedpur, Medicine

268 - Orthopaedics, TMH, Jamshedpur

Morning Session Updates

Source: Students at the councelling venue, we are trying to make the information as accurate as Possible for you, but still it may vary slightly. Information about some seats may be missing. Please wait for official confirmation.

Around 35-40 have come for morning session.

128 - Pediatrics at Mehta Hospital, Chennai

143 - Paediatrics, BC Roy , kolakatta

144 - Orthopedics at St Stephens , Delhi

around 143/145 rank - Gujarat MRi Centre , Radiodiagnosis

148 - JLN Bhilai, Radiodiagnosis

150 - Medicine, poona hospital

156 - Bombay Hospital , Radiodiagnosis

Rank 151, 157 - DMH,Pune medicine

Rank 152 - Bangalore Baptist , Medicine

161 - Radiodiagnosis, Fortis, Mohali

St. Philomena Hospital General Medicine also taken

199 - Indira Gandhi Pondicherry, Medicine

Cutoff for Radiodiagnosis - 161 - Fortis Mohali last seat to go


Projected Cutoffs

These Cutoffs are for first round only and will be updated as trend changes. They represent the approximate last rank for getting a seat in that branch i.e Some bad institutes may be available  slightly beyond this rank or around this rank.  Cutoffs for all branches will be updated when the daily trend changes. 

Pediatrics : 1000

Medicine : 1200

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