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27/08/15 DNB CET july 15 Councelling update

Afternoon session updates

Updated at 16:14 PM

Source : Students at the councelling venue. We are trying to make the information as accurate as possible for you but it may vary slightly.information about few seats may be missing, please wait for official confirmation.

59 people have come for afternoon session. 13 people upto rank 884.

853 - obg at maharaja agrasen,delhi

854 - ramakrishna care hospital orthopedics

856 - anesthesia at batra hospital, delhi

858 - ispat hospital, pediatrics

down town hospital medicine also taken

869 - nazareth hospital peds,  also taken after rank 856

914 - OBG at shiffa hospital, bangalore

930 - surgery, st teresa

963 - anesthesia at banaglore

964 - orthopaedics at little flower hospital, kerala

974 - orthopaedics at malabar institute, kerala

peds in delhi, maharasthra and u.p is over. Obg also in these states is over except hiranandani mumbai.

Morning session Updates

Source : Students at the councelling venue. We are trying to make the information as accurate as possible, but it may vary slightly. Information about few seats may be missing. Please wait for official confirmation.

around 40 people have come for morning session

1 gangaram anesthesia and 1 pushpanjali crosslay peds gone before 711 rank. 1 perosn opted out.

711,713 - Paediatrics at aditya birla hospital,pune

718 - meenakshi mission, obg

739 - opt out

788 - paediatrics at fortis, faridabad

789,791 - gen surgery at dmh,pune

794 - surgery at Pondicherry

799 - sps ludhiana, gen medicine

804 - medicine at ramakrishna care hospital, Chhattisgarh 

840 - nh bangalore, anesthesia

Projected Cutoffs

These Cutoffs are for first round only and will be updated as trend changes. They represent the approximate  last rank for getting a seat in that branch i.e some bad institutes may be available slightly beyond this rank or around this rank. Cutoffs for all branches will be updates when the daily trend changes

Pediatrics : 900

Medicine : 1000

Orthopaedics : 1200

Surgery : 2000

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