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Morning Session updates(251-450)

Updated at 09:35 AM

Source : Students at the councelling venue. We are trying to make the information as accurate as possible for you , but still it may vary slightly. Information about few seats may be missing. Please wait for official confirmation.

Around 50+ candidates are there for morning session. Seat allotment has not yet started.

Trend Alert : 
1/8/17 - Last year 70 candidates had attended the counselling on first day upto 100 ranks. This year the attendance is half of previous year. 

Projected Cutoffs

These Cutoffs are for first round only and will be updated as trend changes. They represent the approximate last rank for getting a seat in that branch i.e Some bad institutes may be available  slightly beyond this rank or around this rank.  Cutoffs for all branches will be updated when the daily trend changes. 

Radiodiagnosis : 300( 3 seats left, expected to go soon)

Pediatrics : 1000(63 hospitals still left)

Medicine : 1200

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