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Quick Lesson no.1 : How to win the lost battle with entrance exams.

Dedicated to all those who opted out and are giving another go at PG entrance.

Life can be unpredictable sometimes, though we try to control life in every way possible it’s actually life that controls us. We try hard, we give it our best but still we may not succeed coz sometimes others perform better than us or sometimes our personal problems come in the way of our success. Not everybody gets a rank in the first attempt or second attempt in competitive exams . Even if one does get a rank some people are stubborn enough to want a particular branch and end up dropping  year after year. All this with many other factors creates a situation of frustration and desperation in you .

 When you are left with nothing, studying the same thing again and again can be stressful and tiring sometimes .On top of all this everybody starts asking you questions about what you're doing and even your parents expectations go higher and higher with each year you drop. A midst all this, in this moment of desperation we forget the most important thing that is required to crack Medical PG entrance.. WILL POWER. Yes, sometimes just a little motivation and inspiration added to your hard work  is all that’s needed to crack a Medical PG entrance.

I know many of you opted out and many of you don’t even have a choice right now.  I know how it feels to be left behind when all your friends have joined a Post graduate course. But i say don’t give up. Just imagine you have faced the greatest challenge of your lifetime and you have been knocked down again and again. But you have to rise up back again, every time you have been knocked down, you have to push forward when others would have given up, you have to refuse losing now. These obstacles only strengthen your resolve. The bigger the obstacle the better you get. Remember that these struggles strengthen your character, build up your legacy and with each failure you are much closer to inevitable victory. You can and will make the impossible, possible.  

Here is a small video for motivating you to go even stronger when the situation demands. This is exactly what PG entrances do to you and demand from you. 

Dont forget the golden words spoken by Dr Rohan in one of the blogs " Rank in entrance can only be delayed, but it cannot be denied" 


Be Determined

Be Focused

Be Relentless

Be Intentional

Be Decisive

Be Driven



This is your life. Live your passion,Live your purpose, LIVE YOUR DREAMS.


Dr.Jateen Ukrani

DNB Resident,Dept of Psychiatry

VIMHANS Hospitals,Vijayawada.


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