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Final Phase of PG Preparation : How to row your boat??

The final phase of your preparations for PG entrances has begun. Some of you are freshers,Some of you coudnt make it the last time around while some others made mistakes at the counselling venue by opting out and are now repenting it. The point is that no matter what group you belong too ,you all are in the same boat now i.e. You have to go through this final phase of preparation for  PG exams. But there is hardly anytime left right now and despite knowing that so many thoughts, ideas & questions are plaguing your mind every moment.

 The freshers are probably thinking “ what should be my strategy now?? Should i prepare for AIPG?? Should i concentrate on DNB? Should i concentrate on state pgs?? What should i read??” And a million other thoughts are making concentric circles in their head. Though coaching institutes guide you for the most part of your internship , in the final part of your preparation you are usually left alone. This sometimes makes everything seem oblivious. You just don’t know what to do in the final phase, losing some crucial time that you could have devoted to studies.

The people who opted out for some reason  are probably now thinking that “will i get a better rank in next exam??Will my rank decrease after this attempt??  Will i get what i want this time?? Did i waste my time in counselling?” These people actually fear the worst for themselves. This fear consumes  most of the time that  should be spent on doing that they have already practiced before. 

The People who couldn’t make it last time around. They just don’t know what to do and are probably too distressed with their life right now. They feel sad for not doing well and end up cursing themselves,the circumstances around them, the examiner,the question paper, the pen,the day,the month, the year etc  and waste a lot of time in doing that. Their bucket list probably consist of ten items that they want to curse before the next exam. Trust me we all go through this phase as a student and we should accept it . We all curse the inanimate objects, irrelevant things for mistakes that we did in our preparation. Some things might be true, but even then dont waste time on them.    

No matter which type you are, each one of you should understand that you have to work hard to reach your destination as there are no shortcuts to success. Each one of you have something or the other advantage over others but all of you have to row your boat in a particular way : 

The freshers  are on a small boat that has begun to sail but doesn't know where to go. The most important thing that you need to understand is that for the boat to reach its destination, you must continue to row. You need to continue studying, don’t waste time thinking about the future, just work on your present,the future will be taken care of by itself. Atleast study for 10-12 hours in the final month. Try to gobble up as much as possible in the next 20-30 days. Whatever books you have studied till now should be enough unless and until you haven’t studied anything. If your starting a new book try to finish as soon as possible. In the last 15 days just revise your coaching/self made notes as many times as possible. The more times you revise ,the better will be your rank. Dont concentrate on any specific exam. Try to study the same things for all exams. You cannot predict which questions will end up in what entrance exam and you may end up hitting the jackpot.

The People who opted out are on a boat that sailed a long distance ,reached its destination but decided to come back for some reason. The good thing about you guys is you know what to do, you know the path, you know what the destination looks like but since you  didn’t get down  you don’t know is how it feels to be on the other side . For them i will say just do what you did the last time around and don’t expect the worst for you, you have done it before, you can easily do it again. As for the final destination , i can easily say that life is much more peaceful, secure and purposeful on the other side and don’t make the same mistake that you did earlier once you reach your destination. The PG preparation is definitely the worst phase of your career but the Post graduation will be the best and most satisfying phase if you love your subject, so yearn for it.

The people who couldn't make it around last time are on a boat that dint sail at all, maybe because they didn't know how to row it or maybe the wind conditions i.e life’s circumstances dint allow it to go very far.These guys should work harder than the other two groups and For them i have something special , a motivational speech by Steve jobs, the founder of APPLE as not many people are aware of his failure and because some motivation is all you need at this moment : 

Moral is that we all suffer, we all may fail once or twice in life, we all are prone to make poor decisions  in life and thats why we are humans. The only solution is  not to  make the same mistake again, to stay focussed on what you love and that is indeed the lesson of a lifetime. Just forget your faults, learn from them and work on your present because future is nothing but just a manifestation of it.    

Dr. Jateen Ukrani,

DNB Resident, Dept of Psychiatry

VIMHANS Hospital


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