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Recommended : DNB Practical Observership for Pediatrics

Edited by Dr Ishita Singh

B.J Wadia hospital for children, Mumbai is one of the most famous hospitals for child care in India and it has been organizing this one month observership in Pediatrics for DNBs for a long time now. The observership is almost one month long is held every six months syncronized with DNB practical exams. Though Pediatrics practical results are not as bad as they used to be previously still this observership promises to be an excellent platform to brush your skills and knowledge before the practical exam.


Details of  Observership : 

Click here for Schedule of Observership 

Disclaimer : We are not affiliated to B.J wadia hospital in any manner and nor have we received any financial grants from them for this recommendation. Any images used are for repersentative purpose only and our recommendation is based on our experience of working with DNB doctors from all of the country.

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