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For DNB Dermatology

There are a handful of institutes for DNB dermatology in India. Of them only a few are really good.

For DNB dermatology you need good academics and a good patient load. You need to have good academics as dermatology is not taught properly during your MBBS days, So academics should be your priority. Also DNB Dermatology is at par with MD Dermatology and above Diploma Skin and V.D. The exam for dermatology also is held every 6 months now.

Following are a list of good hospitals for DNB dermatology; please cross check this info before choosing an institute.  The institutes are not in their order of preference. Some of these institutes may not be available in the present seat matrix or may be added in the final seat matrix. The stipend shown below might have been updated after the recent NBE guidelines for tuition fees and stipend came out.

  1.  Care Hospital, Hyderabad = Best in India in terms of academics. 100% pass percentage. Gold medallists usually from this hospital. Stipend is decent.22k, 23k, 25k .General and casualty duties very less. No general duties in final year. Allowed to take peripheral postings anywhere in India for STDs and Leprosy for 6 months. Case load= 30-40 pts per day as it is a corporate sector.  The stipend might have changed after recent stipend guidelines by NBE.
  2. Railway hospital, Hyderabad- stipend 50k, 52k, 54k. Pt load= 150-200 pts per day. But there are 0 academics. Poor administration. Every month there are 3 casualty duties which are very hectic (night duties). Also for 6-8 months there are morning general duties in other opds. Only evening time allowed to attend dermat opd. Only 1 month peripheral posting for std/leprosy and tat too have to take in Hyderabad only. 
  3. Karigiri , tamilnadu- pt load ok. But it is closer to CMC, Vellore. So if u can attend classes or CMEs in Vellore it could be good. 
  4. Nanavati hospital, Mumbai- best place on earth to learn cosmetology and dermatosurgery. HOD is world famous for cosmetology. No academics but if u somehow manage to pass from here (by your effort) u can earn in lakhs immediately. 
  5. Base Hospital Delhi- very good hospital both in academics and stipend.
  6. Skin institute and school for dermatology, Delhi – very good institute for dermatology, good stipend.


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