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For DNB Superspecialty surgery(6 yr courses)

For Superspecialty surgery you need a good hands on exposure, you will get this only at a few centre in india. Most of the private hospitals offer superspecialty surgery courses in DNB but only a few are good. Here is a list of  good hospitals for 6 year courses in Superspecialty surgery, please confirm this info before choosing an institute.

1. Sir Ganga ram hospital, Delhi 

2. Narayana hrydayalay, Bangalore

3. Fortis hospital, Mohali

4. Vivekanand Policlinic,Lucknow

For CTVS : 

Many claim that CTVS is a dying branch, because of advent of minimal invasive techniques.Yet some places, may fetch you a good exposure to all techniques. The superspecialty branches including CTVS should be taken by those who have a lot of dedication and persistence, as they require a long duration for completion. Hard-core surgery enthusiasts may take up superspecialty surgical branches  including CTVS especially at these places -

  • Fortis Mohali is very good, one can learn Vein harvest and stenotomy by 2nd year.
  • Narayna Hrudayalay second or in same league for South india, Good cutting chances but stipend poor 25 k, might increase.
  • Rtigs calcutta good , Stipend 35 k approx
  • Fortis escorts delhi , you will be under Dr Yugal sir , Who is master in min invasive surgery
  • National heart institute also good, you will be under Dr O.P Wadhwa sir.
  • Then last is Heart and lung institute ,Delhi.Small dept compared to these giants, but still it's delhi


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