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Featured Reviews for DNB General Surgery

Note : The information provided here may change over a period of time eg. the stipend may increase/decrease over a period of 1-2 years . Please confirm these details from a resident if the date of publishing of the blog is more than one year old. If there are two blogs available for the same specialty/same hospital please consider the latest one to be updated with latest information.


In focus : DNB General surgery at Voluntary Health Services, Chennai

The Voluntary Health Services is a 465 bedded trust run hospital located in Chennai. It has completed 50 years of non profitable health care services. All general specialties and a few super specialties including a blood bank, haemophilia centre and de-addiction programme are available. ICU, Dialysis, laboratory investigations etc are available at a nominal cost. About 70 % of the patients (those with a monthly income below a certain limit) are treated free of cost. Dr Deerush Kannan who is doing DNB general surgery from here is extremely satisfied Read More


Overview: DNB General Surgery at JLN Hospital, Bhilai

JLN hospital and Research Centre, Bhilai is the most reputed hospital of this area, which caters to not only Bhilaians but also to the population in the adjoining areas of Bhilai. It is the biggest hospital hospital (and research centre) in whole chhattisgarh state. Equipped with modern diagnostic facilities as CT scan, nuclear medicine etc., the annual OPD attendance in this hospital is over 12 lakhs. Dr Varun Negi who joined DNB General Surgery here  Read More


Top Notch : DNB General Surgery at MR Bangur Hospital, Kolkatta

MR Bangur Hospital, an ISO 9001:2008 certified Government Hospital, is the district hospital of South 24 Parganas. It serves the massive population of the district as well as the adjoining metropolitan area. The various clinics in the OPD serves around 1200 – 1500 patients per day and around 150 patients are admitted daily to be dispensed medical attention of various nature. The hospital is currently equipped to serve patients in 650 beds with new facilities being added each day. Dr Subhrajit Deb who joined DNB General Surgery here last year is amazed by the amount of exposure this place is to offer. He ansers some key questions about this place and if you still have any doubts you can call him on Read More

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Quintessential : DNB General Surgery at Manipal hospital, Bangalore

Manipal Hospital ,Bangalore is part of the third largest healthcare network in India and is serving patients since 25 years. The hospital not only offers quaternary care to its patients but also has a reputation of being one of the best at it especially in South India. Dr Siju Abraham who is pursuing his DNB in General Surgery from Manipal hospital feels the place is great balance of things when it comes to surgery. If you look at things individually, it may not look as good but when  you look at the overall picture, the place gives a perfect blend of oppurtunities like no other.  He is keen to share his experiences and answers few key questions about this place. If you still have doubts  you can contact him  on Read More

First Impression : DNB General surgery at Saifee Hospital, Mumbai

Saifee Hospital is a premier healthcare destination in Mumbai catering to patients from various parts of the country and abroad. It is a 254 bedded multi-speciality hospital which is located on queen's necklace - marine drive and provides a beautiful view of sea from every floor. Dr. Ankit Chauhan who is pursuing his DNB in General surgery from here is willing to help DNB aspirants with valuable information and also guide those who are aspiring for DNB in General surgery. With view of offering helping hand to all DNB aspirants  he answers few questions  about this hospital and if you still have doubts you can send your queries on his E-mail [email protected] or whatsapp on Read More

Overview : DNB General surgery at Lourdes hospital,Kochi

Coming all the way from North India to study in a South Indian institute is not easy for anybody. Despite the barriers many have taken the risk and chosen the road not taken before. Dr Arunesh Dubey who joined DNB General Surgery performed the same feat one year back and gives a candid description of what he has experienced so far in Lourdes hospital, Kochi. Despite the obstacles he is very satisfied with his choice and willing to help those who want to walk on the same path as he once chose. If you still have doubts about this place you can call him on Read More


Overview : DNB General Surgery at Max Superspecialty Hospital , Vaishali

Max superspecialty hospital, Vaishali was known as Pushpanjali Crosslay hospital till last year when it was taken over by Max Healthcare group. The Hospital is relatively new in the DNB scene, and has been offering DNB courses since past 3-4 years. Despite being a new hospital, we have found Max superspecialty hospital, Vaishali to be very good for DNB Radiotherapy in our previous review . Dr Anubhav Singh who joined DNB General surgery here last year, now answers some key questions about his experience so far. If you still have doubts regarding this hospital you can contact him on Read More


Overview: DNB General Surgery & St Isabel's hospital,Chennai

Dr Yogesh Kj Pursued his MBBS from Karnataka instititute of medical sciences,Hubli . He is currently pursuing his 2nd year DNB General Surgery from a St Isabel's Hospital, Chennai which is a 300 bedded trust run hospital. He tell us that the exposure is just about average, but what matters is the pass rate which is 100% for General surgery in this hospital. He is willing to help DNB Residents who want to pursue DNB General Surgery at this hospital Read More



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Dr Mahesh ghule has been helping the cause of guiding DNB aspirants for taking up surgery since the past 6 months. About a year ago he himself took the road less traveled by deciding to join DNB Surgery at Civil Hospital,Aizawal in Mizoram coming all the way from Maharashtra and this he  says  has made all the difference in his life.Read More



Dr.Pankaj Gupta talks about Surgery & B.R singh railway hospital,Kolkatta 

In 1934, Baba Ramrick Singh, the first Indian Railway Agent and the then acting GM of Eastern Bengal Railway(EBR) established a small health unit near Sealdah Railway Station. B.R.Singh Hospital started off with just 36 beds but is now one of the best equipped railway hospitals in India which has specialists in all the departments.This hospital serves as:Referral center for Eastern Railway and Metro Railway. Patients are also being referred from the adjacent Railway Zones e.g. South Eastern, East Coast, East Central and North Frontier Railways.Read More


Dr Pranit Mankare talks about General surgery & Dr Hedgewar Rugnalaya ,Aurangabad 

Dr.Hedgewar Rugnalaya is 400 bedded hospital in Aurangabad. The hospital today is the nucleus of all activities that surround this very thought and school that propagates the theory of ‘Nation’ over country. And when people come together on their own volition, a seamless team begins to weave an equally seamless path towards the objective. The main reason for what the hospital has achieved today and continues to is in fact that unlike the commercial mentality everywhere, here at the hospital a deeply devoted and dedicated thought process is in place and everybody works towards that common objective! This is a trust run hospital Read More

Dr.Biren Shah Talks about general surgery & Voluntary health services,Chennai 

The Voluntary Health Services is a 465 bedded trust run hospital located in Chennai. It has completed 50 years of non profitable health care services. All general specialties and a few super specialties including a blood bank, haemophilia centre and de-addiction programme are available. ICU, Dialysis, laboratory investigations etc are available at a nominal cost. About 70 % of the patients (those with a monthly income below a certain limit) are treated free of cost.
 I must say its a good institution for undergoing DNB training as when we think of DNB , we all believe that in DNB there is less hands on experience for surgical branches but here the scenario is different. Read More


Dr. Temoor Khan speaks about Surgery at Government multi specialty hospital ,Sector 16,Chandigarh

Government Multi Specialty Hospital, Sector 16, Chandigarh earlier known as General Hospital, is the oldest hospital in the city. Its capacity is 500 beds. When it comes to DNB General Surgery, exposure and cutting is really good.  I have already done a gastric perforation omentoplasty 6 months into my course, have started doing individual hydrocoele and have assisted in almost all cases done here. Laparoscopic surgeries are also done here and have assisted in that too. Department also is really chill axed and you get a free hand to work ,no compulsions at all. You can follow textbook protocols or follow hospital protocols , its your wish.  One drawback is that there are no definite classes or lectures but we discuss cases and topics amongst ourselves and with seniors.Read More

Dr. Vaibhav chowdharie talks about Surgery at Tatra Main hospital,Jamshedpur

Tata Main Hospital, the Medical Division of Tata Steel and its nine dispensaries at Jamshedpur provide curative healthcare services to the employees of Tata Steel and their families free of cost. Apart from TMH and the dispensaries, out-location hospitals are located at Jamadoba, Noamundi and Sukhinda Mines and West Bokaro Collieries. TMH also extends its facilities to non-entitled patients from Jamshedpur and its surrounding area.Read More



DISCLAIMER :  This information is for Guiding DNB /MD Aspirants only. This is not a review of Overall Patient care in These hospitals which may not be affected by what is being discussed here. The Information Provided here cannot be used for any other purpose or to asses the patient care in these hospitals. This is just a review of a postgraduate course running in the mentioned hospital and is meant for guiding medical aspirants only


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For DNB surgery

For surgery you need a good hands on exposure which you will get in government and trust run hospitals. Avoid corporate hospitals as far as possible except a few big names which are really good as they have robotic surgeries.Robotic surgeries are usually done by CTVS people and Gastroenterologists so check where these are available. You will be at advantage over government hospitals if your hospital does Robotic surgeries but overall hands on exposure also counts. Here is a list of good hospitals for surgery. Please confirm this info before choosing a hospital.


  1. Railway hospital,connaught place.
  2. Deen dayal upadhyay hospital.
  3. St.stephens hospital, delhi
  4. Sir ganga ram hospital, delhi
  5. narayana hrudyalay ,bangalore
  6. Sri sathya sai institute for medical sciences ,ananthpur
  7. Rural trust hospital,anathpur
  8. Government hospital,Chandigarh
  9. Fortis hospital, Mohali 
  10. Railway hospital,Mumbai
  11. Bhabha hospital,bandra.
  12. KJ somaiya medical college,sion.
  13. Port trust hospital ,wadala.
  14. Kem hospital.(linked to bj medical college,pune)


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