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First Choice : DNB Radiodiagnosis at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai

Edited by Dr Varsha Ukrani

Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre is one of the oldest tertiary care, multi-specialty Trust hospitals of the country. It was brought to life in 1973 and has been a forerunner in providing top notch medical facilities since then. It is a full-fledged DNB teaching institution  and conducts postgraduate courses recognized by the National Board of Examinations in 22 specialties. Dr Shreya Shukla who joined DNB Radiodiagnosis here is extremely satisfied with her choice and she answers a few important questions to guide everyone. If you still have doubts you may email her at [email protected] 

DISCLAIMER :  This information is for Guiding DNB /MD Aspirants only. This is not a review of Overall Patient care in These hospitals which may not be affected by what is being discussed here. The Information Provided here cannot be used for any other purpose or to asses the patient care in these hospitals. This is just a review of a postgraduate course running in the mentioned hospital and is meant for guiding medical aspirants only.

What was your rank in DNB?     

DNB January 2017 session Rank 2773, 2446

How many consultants are there in your department in the concerned specialty?          

X rays- 2 consultants,USG- 4 consultants,CT/ MRI- 2 + 2 consultants,DSA- 1 consultant. All consultants are eager to teach and help you. First year, you will be posted in X rays and USG for 6 months each. Second year, CT and MRI.  Final year, DSA and PET CT.

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What are the usual working hours?       

8 am to 7 pm, mostly. Sometimes longer. It varies depending upon where you are posted. X rays work is the lightest. USG is busy. CT/ MRI also are busy. DSA and PET- CT might not be that busy on most days.

How many emergency duties per week and describe work if possible?

Since in first year of Primary DNB at Jaslok there are only two candidates, we are on call every other day. Person on call on Saturday is also on call on Sunday. So, if there are four weekends in a month, two will be your call days and other two will be your colleague's.

Are you allowed to touch the patient??

Radiology at Jaslok is totally "Clinical Radiology". Talking to patient is essential. Even before X ray reporting! So that you know what to specifically look at in the patient's X ray. During USG postings, you will get to enjoy a good deal of interaction with patients. Also during all sorts of procedures interaction with patients and their attendants is very much needed and therefore, done here. A huge number of therapeutic and diagnostic procedures are performed by radiologists at Jalsok. Pleural tap, Ascitic tap, Liver Biopsy, Barium/ contrast studies, video fluoroscopy etc

How are the academics? Any case presentations done?              

Academics are Great! All the consultants will keep probing you to read and learn. You will have opportunities to attend a good number of CME/ workshops/ lectures/ talks where you will learn not only about your subject (Radiology) but also all other related subjects.

We have Neuro- Radio meets every Thursdays.

Gastro- Radio meets every Wednesdays. One hour lecture on X rays every Wednesdays.

 Very soon we will be starting to have Uro- radio meets, pediatrics and medicine related meets.

All these inter-departmental meets will help you grow hugely in academics. Also physics and anatomy presentations for every Radio- DNB student are to start soon.

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How is the pass rate?? Have your seniors passed?

According to what my seniors have told me, the pass rate here is 100%

How satisfied are you with your choice?

Totally satisfied

Any other departments at your institution good for DNB??

All the departments here are good. The inter-department meets help all the branches to interact and discuss cases and prosper individually in their own fields.

Stipend and accommodation details

Fees is 80,000 (with accommodation). It's same everywhere. Stipend is 45,000. 3,500 is deducted for mess/food expenses so you get only 45,000 and not 48,000.

Accommodation is provided but 30mins away for girls, 15 mins for boys. Bus shuttle is provided.

Any other info you would like to give?

All seniors and staff are cordial and helpful.

Why did you choose this hospital?         

1. It is one of the best institute to pursue DNB in any branch.

2. Excellent academics.

3. Cordial working environment.

Note : The information provided here may change over a period of time eg. the stipend may increase/decrease over a period of 1-2 years . Please confirm these details from a resident if the date of publishing of the blog is more than one year old.

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