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Candid Talk : DNB Anesthesia at Vivekanand Polyclinic ,Lucknow

Dr Anshul Sachdeva In Face to face conversation with Dr Jateen Ukrani

Dr Anshul Sachdeva is my junior from KMC Mangalore and is currently pursuing DNB Anesthesia at Vivekananda Polyclinic,Lucknow. He gives a candid account of his experience at this hospital giving us an overview of the exposure and academics.

Background of hospital( sourced from website)

The activities of the Vivekananda Polyclinic and Institute of Medical Sciences Centre round the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna, ‘service to Jiva is service to Shiva’, i.e. spiritually dedicated service of humanity with utmost reverence is worship of God. Since its humble beginning, the Polyclinic has now grown into a renowned 350 bed multi-specialty hospital, standing prominent, in the heart of the City of Lucknow focusing on service to socio-economically weaker section and middle class with a strong objective of providing quality health care at the lowest cost to all patients and to provide charity services to deserving persons from lower socio-economic strata. It has been providing extensive modern diagnostic facilities with spiral C.T.Scan, 2D Colour Doppler, Multi-probe Ultrasound, Cardiac, Catheterisation, 1000 MA X-Ray, TMT, ECG, EEG, LFT, PFT, Endoscopy etc. as well as fully equipped Pathological Laboratory with Auto Analysers attached with a Blood Bank having Component Separation Unit.

Candid Talk

The hospital is running DNB since 2007 and  it belongs to a charitable trust , thus consultation fees is very low and we get huge number of patients from low socio economic stratum of the society.

In anaesthesia department there are total 4 consultants plus one senior consultant who is Ex HOD from KGMC for academics. Usual work timings are 9am to till OT lasts, usually till 6-8 pm or sometimes till 5 pm. We have once a week emergency duties where we are posted with a consultant on duties. There  are no fixed postings, like 2 months in ortho, 3 months in surgery etc, we are shuffled everyday as there are 7 OTs, One person in each OT/Department every day. If we want to go to other department and work, we can go and work there also.

Work experience is average to good based on our interest. Nobody will teach you directly, you have to learn on your own and from seniors. We have full freedom of work, we can go anywhere in the hospital, do procedures and learn, nobody will stop us, but consultants won’t guide us on how to do procedures unless we ask them ourselves. Most of the times we give GA, Spinal and some regional blocks. Local is not routinely given, but we do practice giving local and then consultants go ahead with GA. ICU postings for 1 month have been recently started upon complaining to the management.. The drawback is that there is no cardio posting and pain clinic. There is a plan to start cardio department soon and pain clinic has been started 1 week back but there is no exposure for us as patient numbers are really low.

For academics we have classes on alternate days i.e. Monday,Wednesday and Friday which are chaired by Ex HOD from KGMC,Lucknow who is a very senior professor. If not three there will a minimum of two classes per week and with the help of seniors discussion on one topic is done.The entire syllabus for anaesthesia exam is covered in 1 year and then the topics are repeated the next year. Overall the quality of academics is average and pass rate for anesthesia here is also average , usually everybody passes in 1 or 2 attempts.

Library facilities for anaesthesia residents have been updated recently  , anaesthesia books worth 40k have been added after we asked the management for it.

Other departments: Plastic surgery is the best department. You will get good hands on exposure and a good number of cases of cleft lip- cleft palate which are all operated for free.  

Surgery department is good. By 1 year you will do all surgeries.( review will be available soon)

Family medicine is very good and is equal to General Medicine in Vivekanand.

My rank was around 4500( in first round jan session)

My colleagues rank was around 5700( in second round)

Stipend is  25 ,27,  29k, in respective years

Accommodation is available in hospital campus and also outside but hostel life is very disciplined.


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