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Dr Pranit Mankare talks about General surgery & Dr Hedgewar Rugnalaya ,Aurangabad


 Dr.Pranit Mankare decided to choose Dr Hedgewar Rugnalaya 5 months back for doing DNB surgery. Lets see what he has to share with us about this institute.

Edited by : Dr.Jateen Ukrani


Dr.Hedgewar Rugnalaya is 400 bedded hospital in Aurangabad. The hospital today is the nucleus of all activities that surround this very thought and school that propagates the theory of ‘Nation’ over country. And when people come together on their own volition, a seamless team begins to weave an equally seamless path towards the objective. The main reason for what the hospital has achieved today and continues to is in fact that unlike the commercial mentality everywhere, here at the hospital a deeply devoted and dedicated thought process is in place and everybody works towards that common objective! This is a trust run hospital with its mobile clinics operating in rural areas, so we have plenty of exposure of patients especially from rural areas.

It’s been 5 months since i joined this hospital and I can easily say it’s good for doing DNB surgery. There are 5 main departments i.e. urology, colorectal, laproscopy, cardiac  and general surgery. As part of our post graduate training we are posted in these departments by rotation. We get 6 month posting in each department except cardiac for which the posting is of shorter duration. 

Mine is the only seat in Surgery department and it comes in January session of DNB. There are total 3 residents in the Department. Usual work timings are 8 am to 8 pm and 2 emergency calls per week. Apart from these we have 2 O.T days in a week which start from 8am to 5pm after which one is free. As we spend most of the time in O.T there is less of clerical and paperwork when compared to other hospitals. 

Regarding work exposure and free hand in surgery I would say that its pretty good as a lot of poor patients come to our hospital and we are allowed to touch the patient. I have assisted in the O.T right from day 1 and have done small surgeries including hernia and appendicectomy W.We do get to do a lot of surgeries but don’t expect high-fi transplant surgeries etc. You will get all the general surgery cases and some super specialty cases.

The only thing it slightly lags behind in is academics. It’s a common thing to most surgery departments as surgeons usually don’t get much time to teach so we do have clinical meets and presentations but not frequent. Nevertheless the most important thing that matters is passing the final exam and for that the pass rate at our hospital is good. Both my seniors who appeared this july exam have passed their theory in first attempt and practical dates are still pending. Mine is the seventh batch to undergo DNB training at this institute and all the batches have passed. We get a paid leave of 1 month before exams so we get ample time to study. Normally also we get a lot of time to study. Whatever is required to become a good surgeon is all present here.

Other departments: ENT department is the best, even academics are good. There is a camp going on presently for 110 poor children with cleft lip and palate for which surgeons have come from U.K. So exposure and academics really good in ENT.

 Medicine department is also good but there was some issue regarding norms in the middle so we didn’t get candidates for two years. Now, however we have two seats in medicine in July session as the issue has been resolved.

My rank was – 5333 in Jan session

Stipend- 30k,31k,31.5k in respective years.

Accomodation – not provided but is not a problem.

Why I chose this hospital?

  1. I wanted surgery and cutting matters more than academics for surgery so this institute offered me good cutting chances.
  2. Anyways I am going to do super speciality so having no neurosurgery department and all doesn’t matter. What matters is I learn good general surgery and decision making which we get to do here in first hand. 
  3. Passing rate is good, stipend is good, academics not good but I thought I would manage it on my own
  4. This institute was near to my house rather than going to south

Dr. Pranit Mankare

DNB Resident,Dept of surgery

Dr. Hedgewar Rugnalay,Aurangabad 

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