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First Impression : DNB OBGY at Tata Motors hospital, Jamshedpur

Tata motors hospital is a 404 bedded multi-specialty DNB accredited Post Graduate Teaching hospital in Jamshedpur. This hospital has been continuously striving to offer the highest standard of services to patients with great empathy and humanity. It along with Tata main hospital Jamshedpur has been serving the population for decades now. Dr Supriya who joined DNB OBGY here answers a few key questions about this place to help you all. If you still have doubts you may call her on 7294160600 or email on [email protected]

DISCLAIMER :  This information is for Guiding DNB /MD Aspirants only. This is not a review of Overall Patient care in These hospitals which may not be affected by what is being discussed here. The Information Provided here cannot be used for any other purpose or to asses the patient care in these hospitals. This is just a review of a postgraduate course running in the mentioned hospital and is meant for guiding medical aspirants only

What was your rank in DNB and your colleagues rank in DNB if any?

Around 3300 mine, around 3400 my colleague(DNB CET)

How many consultants are there in your department in the concerned specialty?


What are the usual working hours?

8 am to 4:30 pm,8 to 8 on call days

How many emergency duties per week/month?

2-3 per week, on emergency days we have to assist our consultants in OT.

What all surgeries you have performed till now?

D n E , Caesarean section






Are you allowed to touch the patient??

Yes, procedures done individually - Ultrasound both TVS n TAS, Hysterosalpingography, Colposcopy,Forceps delivery,IUI. Procedures assisted – SIS,Laparoscopic surgeries,Hysterectomies

How are the academics? Any case presentations done?

Good academics, Yes we do case presentations

How is the pass rate?? have your seniors passed?

Supermost passed  overall results are good?

How satisfied are you with your choice?

Very satisfied

Any other departments at your institution good for DNB??

Medicine, Paediatrics, Surgery ,Anaesthesia

Stipend and accomodation details:

40k,42k,44k.We have hostel nearby hospital premises

Any other info you would like to give?

It's a really good institute for all specialties’.

Why did you choose this hospital?

  1. Good hands on
  2. Ample of time to read
  3. Modern techniques available

Note : The information provided here may change over a period of time eg. the stipend may increase/decrease over a period of 1-2 years . Please confirm these details from a resident if the date of publishing of the blog is more than one year old. 

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