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Just My Luck : DNB Radiology at Sir Gangaram hospital,Delhi

Dr Ruchi garg approached me in September 2014 , just before Last round of DNB councelling. She wanted to know about DNB Radiology at Diwanchand Imaging centre,Delhi. She said her rank was 996 and was the second person to attend councelling on that day. Her name can be found in this official list. She was very keen on joining radiology which she had ignored in first round of councelling. She had the option of DNB Radiology From INMAS in first round which she didn’t opt for, however in later rounds she did not get what she wanted until she was “struck by luck” in September. DNB Radiology at Sir Gangaram hospital,Delhi got vacant the same day and was added to the final matrix displayed on the councelling venue. She never had this option before , so she grabbed this golden opportunity with both hands and hugged her destiny. Its been four months ever since she joined Gangaram hospital as a DNB resident and is excited with destiny’s gift to her. She chooses to answer some key questions regarding radiology at Gangaram to give everyone an overview of the same.

Q How many machines/departments are there in Radiology at gangaram?

Ans. There are total five departments in Radiology

  1. Xray
  2. Usg
  3. CT/MRI
  4. Fetal
  5. Intervention

We have a 3 Tesla MRI machine, and all other equipment are latest and uptodate.

Q How many consultants are there in your hospital in radiology department?

Ans. There are a total of 5 HODs, one for each department. Apart from them there are 15 consultants.

Q What are the work timings?

Ans Work timings are 9am to 7 pm. With alternate day night duties. Work hours are slightly hectic despite total 10 residents (6 primary ,4 secondary) in the department. 2 residents are posted in each department with twice weekly off. Final year people get less duties and get a lot of time to study.

Q How is the exposure during postings?

Ans First year approx 3-4months  in Xray , 2 months  in USG , 1 month in MRI, 2 months CT, 1 month fetal, 1 month intervention. Usually this cycle is repeated in second and final years. Work exposure is really good with standards at par with AIIMS & PGI.

Average 10 fluoroscopy procedures daily

60-70 CT scans per day & Xray around 30 for general OPD & 50 for wards/ICU patients

We can discuss with the consultants about cases at our own will.

Q How are the academics & pass rates??

Ans Academics in my view are average, we have classes i.e case presentations amongst us and seminars which are chaired by Consultants.Nevertheless what matters the most is pass rate which is 100% in the past two years. All seniors have passed both theory & practical.

Q What was your colleagues rank in DNB?

Ans My colleagues rank was 56.

Q What is the stipend? Any accommodation is available?

Ans. Stipend is 55k, iam not staying in hostel but it is available.

Q Why did you choose Sir Gangaram hospital?

Ans. First reason is that I got lucky !! I wanted Radiology in Delhi and Gangaram is a big brand, one of the most prestigious institutions offering DNB courses. Its standards are comparable to AIIMS , so went for it. 


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