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DNB CET Jan 2014 : First round of councelling Analysis & Cutoffs

DNB CET 2014 councelling saw some immense changes in trend. More people opted out due to the 3 year ban that was being imposed on leaving a seat and also because of ongoing court cases. For the first time in the history of DNB , five.. yes five rounds of councellings were conducted. As a result many people got radio at 4000-5000 rank, and medicine at 10000 rank. Such a trend has never been witnessed before and the rule now says that no matter how many seats are left, NBE will have to conduct councellings for it as seats cannot be transfered from Jan session to July session. It means one thing and one thing only, Anything is possible! But that doesnt mean that one should just sit and relax even at 10000 rank, hoping to get a medicine seat at one of the best hospitals in India. Safest strategy in DNB councelling still is to  "Opt in if your getting a good hospital & branch of your choice, Dont postpone, Dont waste that golden oppurtunity. " you might not get that oppurtunity again. Last time many people who opted out in the first round, felt really bad during opting in during second round coz very few options were available. They also felt bad because later on, due to change of rule, better options were available for much lower ranks but still they felt better as compared to those who didnt even attend councelling and wasted that golden oppurtunity. 

So first attend all councellings.

If your getting a hospital & branch of your choice then go for it, dont think twice about it, you might not get the same again in the next round, as later ranks may pick it up and not leave it for you in further rounds.  With this we will give you some facts about First round of councelling 

Hottest branches

Radio diagnosis – cutoff 1600 rank, last to go was Sarswati foundation , Kolhapur, Maharashtra beyond 1600 rank.

Paediatrics – good hospitals got over by 2700 rank. Few seats of paedtrics were left which were not so good and went till the last day.

Medicine – 5 seats of medicine were left after councelling till 4600 rank . Seats included Civil hospital , Aizwal , you can read a detailed review here

All other branches were available easily till 6000 rank.

Here are the details of first round of DNB CET January 2014 councelling, you can get an idea of what to expect at your rank by going through the schedule and comparing it with day to day proceedings

Schedule of councelling 

Orginal seat matrix (as on 19/3/14)

Seats remaining after 1st day (21/3/14)

Seats remaining after 2nd day (22/3/14)

Seats remaining after 3rd day (24/3/14)

Seats remaining after 4th day (25/3/14)

Seats remaining after 5th day (26/3/14)

Seats remaining after 6th day  (27/3/14)

Seats remaining after 7th day (28/3/14)

 Seats remaining after 8th day (29/3/14)

Details of Second round & further rounds will be posted soon. Stay tuned.

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