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Dr Vishal Shete Shares his experience and answers your most common questions!!


Congratulations dear friends for your success. Clearing DNB might be tough but choosing a hospital is equally painful because most of us are unaware about the institutions in DNB.

So despite of having good rank we get confused.

With experiences i faced during my time i just want to  put few  things in front of u

1) what will I get in Mumbai or Delhi???

- Question asked by most of the candidates. Dear friends ,apart from these 2 cities many places have good dnb institutions, search them contact them, just as all that glitters is not gold, all institution  in metros are not that much good that you can take blindly. So increase radius of your search.

2) shall i compromise branch or institute????

- DNB is for those who don’t want to compromise on a branch so keep it in mind, its for the dedicated side of you. However if you are open minded and can choose between 2-3 branches,choose the better institute between branches.

3) shall i attend counselling or not as AIPG is nearer??

- friends every opportunity is special,I will advice all atleast within 4-5 k ranks should attend no matter you opt out for further rounds but enter in the zone and future is unpredictable ,papers are getting  tougher day by day so keep options ready in hand. Being confident is good thing but loosing a good opportunity is worst.

4) dnb or degree?????

- both are equal and future india will have equal no of dnb n degree specialist and your skills will matter in competition. So if your getting dnb at good institute go for it. 6 months is really big period.

5) which hospital is better for me???

- its not necessary that all dnb institutions have all branches good in it. Few institutes have some good some poor but a simple funda I want to tell is that big set up hosp more than 500-600 usually have a good branches. As patient flow is always good there. For anaesthesia same condition with all surgical branches doing well u can take the institute. For surgical branches u should be careful regarding cutting n big brand corporate hospitals should be avoided with exceptions of course.

6) last but not least no one knows everything about all institutions. Its u who has to search on net about hospital if found good contact it , talk with pgs there regarding academics , patient exposure n rest. That’s the best way. Among the list each of u takes one institute each n collect details of each branch by contacting pgs there. Benefit of this is that u will come to know how institution is, stipend,accommodation,academics,pass %,cutting n most imp u will know at what rank last time that seat has gone .So You yourself will judge what u can get at your rank and what is good for you


All the best

Dr Vishal Shete

DNB resident ,Dept of Obg

Tata Main hospital , Jamshedpur

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