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MD-DNB Equivalence : What can you do after DNB?

Edited by Dr Varsha Ukrani

India is the only country in the world with two parallel Post graduate medical education Systems. While this gives more opportunity to many aspirants it also causes chaos in their mind and MD-DNB Equivalence is a perennial question that is asked by aspirants everyday to us. Every session of counseling this question breaks through the discussion and along with it pop up a series of notifications by various bodies, news agency etc. While these show the rules and regulations on paper, the ground reality is often not covered or is misinterpreted by many aspirants. Many use these notifications to discourage others from taking a good seat so that they themselves can secure a DNB seat and everyone needs to be careful of such people. To clear all your confusions regarding this issue and to tell you the ground reality, we aim to tell you what all can you do beyond your DNB.

The issue of MD-DNB equivalence has lasted for more than a Decade. While DNB has been equivalent to MD/MS/DM/Mch Courses for all other purposes, the only place it’s not absolutely equivalent is for teaching posts in medical colleges. While Central government wants to make DNBs equal, MCI constantly tries to discriminate DNBs often without any logic.  

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Current Status of MD-DNB Equivalence for Teaching posts

MCI TEQ Rules have changed in 2018 December . Current guidelines suggest that

a) Those DNBs from Medical colleges or 500+ Bedded hospitals by large are equivalent to MD/MS in the concerned subject for appointment to teaching post.

b) DNBs from 100-500 bedded hospitals need 1 year Srship to become equivalent to MD/MS for appointment to teaching post.

c) DNBs from <100 bedded hospitals need 2 year SRship to become equivalent to MD/MS for appointment to teaching post.

What can you do after DNB?

Considering this change of rule by MCI for teaching posts, we try to look at the various other job prospects for DNBs which can be pursued without any hurdle.

1 Private Practice: Arguably the first and best choice. No Restrictions on this as DNB is a recognized qualification in IMC act and will continue to be in NMC as well.

2 Private Sector Jobs: there are so many corporate hospitals which will hire you without any doubt. Many a time the corporate hospital that you did your DNB from may absorb you if they are happy with your work ethics.

2 DM/Mch: yes, you’re eligible for DM/Mch Courses after DNB as well. So don’t think that only MD/MS are eligible. If you aim to do super specialty, DNB can cut short your lengthy career.

4 Government Jobs in Non Teaching hospital: not all government hospitals are medical colleges, jobs at non teaching government hospitals are easily available and DNBs are eligible for same without facing any discrimination. You can easily get SR post or Specialist post at such places.

5 Teaching Jobs in Central Institutes like AIIMS, PGI, JIPMER, NIMHANS etc: there is no discrimination at such places and DNB is considered at par even for teaching positions because these institutes don’t come under MCI. You can get SR post and even AP post after requisite experience.

6 Teaching Jobs at other places :  after the December 2018 Notification it has become easier for DNB to get a teaching post at other medical colleges also.

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Future of DNB-MD Equivalence for Teaching Posts

While the current situation is good for other opportunities, DNBs lack absolute equivalence for teaching posts. Association of DNB Doctors is working hard for absolute DNB Equivalence with MD/MS/DM/Mch Courses.  A case against MCI has been lodged in Delhi high court for Equating DNBs for teaching posts completely without any additional requirements and the Association is lobbying hard with the government to make it equivalent completely. Along with this the association is also Lobbying for merging the two MD-DNB courses into one which will help all medical aspirants by removing all the confusion. After one nation one exam, the association has started one nation one degree campaign which will end the disparity between two post graduate programs.

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