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MoFHW warns MCI : Dont try Downgrade DNB


The question that DNB is equivalent to MD/MS has pondered on for a long time now. 

The original Amendement making DNB equivalent to MD/MS came in this Gazette notification in 2012 which can be found here. The Notification stated (highlighted): 

                                           AMENDMENT NOTIFICATION
                                          New Delhi, the 11th June, 2012
If a DNB qualified candidate (broad/ super-specialty) having fulfilled the requirements as per clause 4(iii) mentioned below for appointment as Assistant Professor or is already working in a MCI recognized medical college/ central institute, he/she would be further promoted as per Minimum Qualification for teachers in Medical Institutions Regulations, 1998 as amended.
(iii) In the “Minimum Qualification for Teachers in Medical Institutions Regulations, 1998”, in ‘TABLE-I (broad specialty) & TABLE-2 (super-specialty)’ under the heading “REQUIREMENTS OF ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION AND TEACHING/ RESEARCH EXPERIENCE”, as amended vide notifications dated 21/07/2009, 28/10/2009, 15/12/2009, 03/11/2010, the “Teaching Experience” against the post of “Assistant Professor/Lecturer”, for all the specialties, shall be Substituted –

(i) For the candidates possessing MD/MS degree from MCI recognized medical college.
Three years teaching experience in the subject as Resident/ Registrar/ Demonstrator/ Tutor in a recognized medical college either during the post-graduation course or after obtaining postgraduate degree in the subject.
(ii) Equivalence of qualification of DNB (broad specialties) with MD/MS & DNB (super-specialties) with DM/M.Ch.
(a) Those candidates who have undergone DNB training in an institution which now run MCI recognized postgraduate degree courses in a given subject, their DNB qualifications shall be considered at par with MCI recognized qualifications that subject only.
(b) Those candidates who have undergone DNB training in a multi specialty teaching hospital with atleast 500 beds, involved in various postgraduate/ super-specialty teaching programmes provided that the one out of three DNB supervisors (teachers) qualify as postgraduate teacher as per MCI norms in their previous appointment; and one out of remaining two should qualify as postgraduate teacher as per MCI regulations with the following bed requirement for teaching unit:
Postgraduate broad specialties 30 beds per unit } 50% beds should be 
Postgraduate super specialties 20 beds per unit } teaching beds.
Such qualifications shall be considered at par with MCI recognized qualification.
(iii) Additional training of one year for equivalence of qualification of DNB (broad Specialties) with MD/MS & DNB (super-specialties) with DM/M.Ch.
Those candidates who have undergone DNB training (both broad specialties and super-specialties) in hospital/ institution other than mentioned in (ii) above, shall undergo one additional year of senior residency or equivalent training or research job in a MCI recognized hospital/ institution, provided such qualifications are notified in the Postgraduate Medical  Education Regulations 2000”.
Despite this gazette notification which cannot be overruled by the MCI, time and again MCI has tried to Derecognize DNB. In july 2014, MCI made one such attempt and  leading tabloid discussed that MCI is going to downgrade DNB and it will lose its credibility when compared to MD/MS. 
In reponse the health ministry wrote a sharp letter to the MCI pointing out that it could not overrule the provisions of a 2009 gazette notification which clearly stated that DNB qualification was on par with a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and other PG degrees.
It also said that the MCI's circulars were to be kept in abeyance i.e were to be suspended. We covered the story and it can be read by clicking here
Another article regarding the same can be read here
Story covering letter issued to institutes stating that DNB is equivalent to MD/MS and MCI cannot overule it ,can be read here
Despite this, it was found that MCI had discussed this issue in a meeting and tried to downgrade DNB. 
In response to this we sent a email with the attachement of the minutes of the meeting. The story can be read here.
Finally  a response from NBE was posted on website which can be read here. 
The article clearly states that MCI has been warned from doing so in the future and their notification is Void.
This is the full story . DNB is equivalent to MD/MS as it stands. If anybody obejcts, show them these proofs.

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